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October 30, 2001

Sandrine Testud


MODERATOR: Questions for Sandrine.

Q. What do you think about this match? Give us your general feeling about it.

SANDRINE TESTUD: Am I allowed to lie? I think it was a very bad match, indeed, a match between French girls maybe. But my feeling is that I did one set and a half the same match I did two weeks ago against Nathalie Tauziat. I was very nervous. I didn't hit the ball well. I didn't move on the court. She made me play, but I made a lot of mistakes. It was really nasty in the beginning. Fortunately, I told myself, "Look, pull yourself together." I started to move together, to get to the ball, to hit the ball better. The match started to become somewhat decent. Otherwise, no, I wasn't really excited about it. I knew I could beat her because she hasn't played for some time. I had three matches since. I knew if I could stay in the match, I had a chance of winning. This is exactly what happened. She had a match point, but I felt that I could save it and get back into the match - although I didn't play well, I have to say. In the middle of the second set, I felt better and the match went my way at 5-All.

Q. Did you try to play the ball earlier on her topspin?

SANDRINE TESTUD: She has a lot of topspin. On this surface, it's worse than any other surface. The balls would jump up very high. I didn't like her play. But I didn't play my tennis. I couldn't make her move. I played too much on her forehand. Then, of course, it's difficult if you play such nasty tennis. You're in a fix. It could go either way. But since I had more match practice recently, I think this is what I benefited from tonight in the third set.

Q. You thought you were going to lose?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Well, not really. Not really, I have to say. I couldn't be certain. I was angry. I was mad. Of course, I had been playing for two or three months recently, and I knew she hadn't. It was the same as in Zurich against Nathalie. I was angry with myself. I said, "Pull yourself together, try to play some decent tennis." Fortunately, I managed because this woke me up a bit, and then my play was a bit better. But it could have gone either way.

Q. The third set, did you feel you were the better player?

SANDRINE TESTUD: It was nothing special. It was some solid tennis, but nothing more. I felt in the third set that I wasn't playing great at all, but she showed some fatigue, maybe some mental fatigue, because she didn't take, as she could have, the match in the second set. I was a bit superior in the third. But she was lacking practice recently. You could tell. When it's a tight match, you can feel the opponent has been playing recently or not.

Q. Did you talk about it afterwards?

SANDRINE TESTUD: No. She said, "Well played." She told me, "Lots of luck for the remainder of the week." It's hard to get out of the first round.

Q. What about Capriati? You beat her. You're happy to play her?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Of course, of course. Playing her here, it's good. You have to play them all. Jennifer doesn't play as well as she did recently. It's going to be a hard one. But, right, I beat her in Filderstadt. It's not going to be easy. I have to play well, aggressively, as I did in Filderstadt - more to her backhand, and have her make the mistakes. She doesn't play all that fast. I have to serve well and return solidly. It's not going to be a match between French girls, which might make things easier.

Q. You're approaching the end of the season. You're playing well. You won quite a few matches.

SANDRINE TESTUD: I'm okay. I'm not too exhausted. After Linz, I had two days off, which was really good for me. The surface is different here. You have to get accustomed to this sort of surface, but otherwise, no; I'm okay. I have a day off tomorrow. I'll rest. Playing both singles and doubles, I have to relax for sure. I had to play good today. It was an important match for me. We'll see tomorrow.

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