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October 12, 2017

Alexander Björk

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. An opening round of 7-under 65, how pleased are you with that?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: I'm really pleased. Had a tough week last week struggling with the confidence a little bit. Played really solid today. Really pleased with that round.

Q. Anything in particular you were pleased with?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: I mean, a little bit of everything. I was solid off the tee, good irons, especially the irons were really good today.

Putting was also a lot, lot better than it's been the last weeks. So I'm really pleased with that, as well. A good, solid round.

Q. Being out early, was that an advantage for you?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: It was a little cold in the morning but yeah, it was nice. The greens were rolling really nice in the morning and no wind at all. So yeah, it's nice to go out early in the morning I think.

Q. Having gone through The Challenge Tour, how would you assess your season so far?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: It's been a good season for me, a lot of good tournaments. A few really good ones. Yeah, the last month has been a little not as good but it feels good again now. So hopefully I can have a strong finish to the season.

Q. What can you take from today's round into the rest of the week?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: Hopefully a little bit of everything. Continue to be solid off the tee. Good irons and good putting. So hopefully if I continue to play like this, it can be a pretty fun week.

Q. Terrific round of 64 out there today. Any particular aspect clicking or the whole game in good shape?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: I would say the whole game in good shape. Solid off the tee. Really good with the irons and solid putting. So yeah, if I would say one thing, irons were really good today.

Q. You're 35th in The Race to Dubai, initial rookie season. Have you surprised yourself or did you expect to come out and make an impact straightaway?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: I didn't really expect anything. I was expecting to go out on The European Tour and play the same as I did on The Challenge Tour. Of course I'm really pleased with the season so far, but hopefully can have a strong finish as well and maybe climb a little bit but I'm happy so far with the season.

Q. You finished third in the French Open, another Rolex Series event, how much confidence did you take from that that you can finish with the big boys and succeed?
ALEXANDER BJÖRK: I take a lot of confidence knowing that I can go out in the final round and play good. That round I was playing really good, having a few putts on the edge, but I know I can play good with the top on the final day, as well. That's very nice to know.

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