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October 12, 2017

Jamie Donaldson

Parco Reale di Monza, Italy

Q. A 7-under 64. Talk us through it.
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, played really good. You know, didn't do much wrong really, today, that was the secret. When I had a chance of holing a putt, I made it. I generally putted a lot better, and tee-to-green was pretty good.

Overall, happy with the start.

Q. Is that's what's been missing, the putting?
JAMIE DONALDSON: A little bit. I think just tighten up a little bit. Got to hit closer to flags. You can easily blame your putting when actually you're not hitting it close enough to the flags to make the putts. Today I hit it a bit closer and putted slightly better, so the combination was great.

Q. The golf course, does it suit your eye?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, I like it. It's a really good golf course. We used to play courses like this every week on The European Tour. You know, always playing in Europe. It's nice to come back and play sort of old school golf. It's tight, tree-lined. There was no wind today, so it was ideal scoring conditions. Greens were perfect.

Yeah, ideal scoring conditions, and yeah, I do like the course.

Q. The score today will restore a bit of confidence that might not have been there going into the week?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, it was good. Form's only temporary. You're going to be up-and-down all the time. It's been a difficult time for me the last couple of years, a few injuries and lack of form, as well. You've just got to forget whatever is in the past, move forward, and think about what's coming and what you're going to do next. Today was really good. Played nicely all the way through. So you know, I need three more of those.

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