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October 12, 2017

Josh Nichols

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. In your wildest expectations, did you expect to be in the semifinals this week?
JOSH NICHOLS: I mean, you always expect to keep going, but I kept waiting for someone to start making a bunch of putts on me. So far I guess I've gotten kind of lucky. I've played solid, so I haven't given anything away.

As far as expectations, no, I just kind of keep surprising myself each match.

Q. You have to be pleased with your short game.
JOSH NICHOLS: Yeah, yeah, it's gotten me out of some really bad spots, because I hadn't always hit it the greatest.

But overall, I guess, I don't know how many days it's been, I've hit it pretty well for myself. So I'm pleased with most parts of my game, yeah.

Q. 16 and 17 got up and down.
JOSH NICHOLS: I did. Kept me going. Yeah, and 17 wasn't so hard; 16 was one of the hardest shots on the course. I went over there in the practice round. I said, This is impossible. Don't go here.

So to be able to get up and down from there was...

Q. What did you from below there?
JOSH NICHOLS: It was a 60; shot out of the rough. That was a good up and down. Obviously him not making some putts that he should have made all day really, I kept waiting for him to make some putts. Just couldn't get them to fall.

Q. Got on top of him early. Talk about the birdies on 4 and 7.
JOSH NICHOLS: Right. So 4, let's see, what did I do on 4? I have a bad memory. Okay, over here. Right, so I hit it onto the green in three and had like a 30-footer. Just kind of -- it hit the back of the hole and just rattled in.

That was a good one to go in.

7, he just missed like a nine-footer that anyone should make, and I had a nine-footer as well and I made it with a simple birdie.

The fact that he just kept missing putts that I knew he was going to make helped me out.

Q. What did you hit into 7?
JOSH NICHOLS: 7 was a -- I think I had like 94 yards. Like a little 50-degree or something.

Q. Last question: That appeared to be a dangerous route you on your second shot into the trees.
JOSH NICHOLS: Yeah, I took it left of the trees in a big cut. I was aiming in the hay over there and hit a big 30-yard cut. I did that in the practice round. I said, Let's try this, and it wasn't good. I pulled it off.

Q. What club did you use there?
JOSH NICHOLS: It was a 4-iron.

Q. So you do have a little adventure in you.
JOSH NICHOLS: Yeah. I'm not afraid to grind it out and work hard for it. Hopefully I can keep going this afternoon.

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