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October 12, 2017

Bradford Tilley

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. He made a hell of a comeback on you.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah. I can't say I expected that. Obviously expect him to play well, but I feel like I played pretty solid. Unfortunately made a couple bogeys on 15 and 16. If I par those holes I win the match. That's really the difference.

But he played great. I think he was 4-under on the back. I think I shot 68. Just unfortunate here in the last playoff hole. I hit a really, really good iron shot; felt like it was into the wind. It wasn't a number I thought I was going to go past. I thought I stuffed it when I hit it. I thought I was going to put a lot of pressure on him, and just didn't work out.

Q. The chip shot looked like it worked out as best as it could considering the situation.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah, it wasn't in a good spot. If that ball flew another foot I think it would've been tight. About as tough as a pitch gets. Hit a great putt, and it just dove low at the last second. Looked like it was in the whole way.

Did all I could and just fell short.

Q. Do you think he made both birdie tries at 17 and 18?
BRADFORD TILLEY: 17 I hit a good putt. Just didn't break. I misread it.

18 was a tough read and very slow. Weird little break to it. Almost a double breaker.

Just missed it. It was close.

Q. You were doing well early in the match though. Couple birdies there.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah, I think if you look at the scorecard it's a little misleading. I went way up early and I played my best when he didn't play his best.

On the back nine he played great and I played pretty average. I think I was even on the back. Nothing to be ashamed about, but just happened to be when he was shooting 4-under.

The lopsided nature of what the scoreboard looks like is a little funny, but I think two great players went head to head today and he came out on top. Hopefully I'll have more rounds in the future.

Q. How did you birdie 10?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Hit a great drive and 8-iron to about three feet and just made that.

Q. Right. Overall, the experience here now, you haven't had a lot of time to reflect on it, but what's it been like? Coming in you had been in amateurs, but not this situation before.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah, right. The best finish I've had at a USGA event is round of 32 at the U.S. Am in Marion.

It was a weird week honestly. I was so sick this week. Now I'm feeling healthy, I expected to play well. I somehow played well every day, and this USGA event was just as good as any.

It's a really special experience playing any USGA again, and then to earn medalist honors was a huge honor. No one can take that away from me, so that's pretty special. To make it to the quarterfinals is fantastic. Obviously not what -- I came here with the intent of winning. That's hard to do.

It's a long week. But I think I showed well and I'm very proud of myself.

Q. Are your competitive juices flowing for more after this week?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah, that's a tough question. It's a draining week, so I think no matter where you end up in this thing, you need a couple days just to relax and recuperate.

Tough answer. I don't know. I'm playing an event next week, so I think all this good play bodes well going into that event, and that's the MGA Mid-Amateur. I'm excited for that.

Definitely want to get back out there and maybe get a win, improve on this.

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