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October 12, 2017

Dan Sullivan

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Semifinals again.

Q. What do you think you got to do this time to get over the hump?
DAN SULLIVAN: If I got all way it 18, hit a better shot. No, I mean, I played really well this morning.

I think I made one bad swing. Bogey on 9. Otherwise I think I hit every other green. I missed a couple putts I could've made, but just basically kept the pressure on him all day, which, you know, in match play, is important.

Q. Yeah. How about playing him again in the quarterfinals?
DAN SULLIVAN: Oh, yeah. And, you know, it was kind of a double-edged sword, because I really enjoyed playing with him last year. He's a great guy and obviously a very good player.

At the same time, made me want to win that much more, too. I'm sure he was very motivated to try to beat me because of what happen last year.

So I wanted to come out, and if he beat me, great, but I didn't want to give him too many opportunities.

Q. Did you play bogey-free golf?
DAN SULLIVAN: Made bogey on 9. From the middle of the fairway, too. I had a perfect drive, like 185 in, and just kind of wiped into the right bunker. Actually hit a pretty recent decent bunker shot and then miss-read the putt.

Only bad hole, bad swing. We had a couple holes where I was a little bit out of position, but I was able to get back and at least make par, and, again, make him have to beat me.

Q. Was there a key point for you today where you felt like, This could be my day?
DAN SULLIVAN: When I hit it to about four feet on 15, I was like, Okay, that went from being kind of anything can happen the last four holes to knocking it tight; he didn't make birdie and I made mine.

Then it was like, All right, now he's got come get me. Just try to make par on 16, which I hit two good shots into the green.

Q. What did you hit on 15?

Q. What was the distance?
DAN SULLIVAN: I think it was playing about 218 to the hole. One of the best shots I hit all day obviously. At the right time, too.

Q. How about being a 50-year-old guy with a chance to be the third 50-year-old-plus guy to win the Mid-Am?
DAN SULLIVAN: It would be awesome. Still got a match this afternoon, but just to continue to have the opportunity, like I told you yesterday, it's fun. That's why I play in this tournament. To have a chance to be the guy on Friday would be a lot of fun.

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