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October 12, 2017

Min Sun Kim

Incheon, South Korea

MIN SUN KIM: When I started off I was really confident with my putting, but as the game progressed I gained a lot of confidence with my putting.

In the front nine I missed a lot of birdie putts because I was reading more into the breaks than I was seeing.

Then towards the back nine I thought I might as well go along with the breaks as I see them. I think that worked for me towards the back nine.

THE MODERATOR: This is a limited-field event, just 78 players. One of the strongest fields of the year on the LPGA Tour. What does it mean to you to be leading such a great field?

MIN SUN KIM: (Through translation.) I think it's just the first round for me. I feel like I made the good first step. I think I would need to maintain in momentum for the remaining rounds.


Q. Recently you didn't make the cut, and then afterwards seems like your game is picking up. Is anything different?
MIN SUN KIM: I think when I didn't make the cut I lost a lot of confidence in my shots.

Then I've been telling people that if I make the cut and I play, then I would be able to regain my confidence, and that's what happened. I been playing the third and fourth round and being able to play, I am able to pick up my confidence and get a feel for the ball hitting again.

So I think that my shots are getting better at this point, and I'm quite confident.

Q. (Through translation.) I know this is very early to ask this question, but you know that if you win this event that you will be able to take part in the LPGA events. Whether you win or not, do you have plans to go to the LPGA?
MIN SUN KIM: (Through translation.) Of course I would like to go to the States. That is always a dream. I personally have plans perhaps that I would be able to go two or three years later. Of course if I win, nothing would be better than that.

But I don't think it would be so bad if I had to stay here on the Korean Tour for two to three years. I think it would be a good opportunity to build my career and some experience and perhaps go to the States.

Q. (Through translation.) Most of the players today actually scored quite well considering the weather. We expected less solid scores from the players because of the rough weather. Can you share with us what made the game work in terms of the pin location and the conditions of the greens?
MIN SUN KIM: (Through translation.) It is true that in the morning it was extremely cold, so I am sure many of us started out stiff. I think about after three or four holes everybody was kind of relaxed, so that wasn't really an issue.

I don't think the pin locations were that easy, but the green conditions today were really good. I think most of the players, the balls kind of ended up where they wanted and so that worked for many players today.

Q. (Through translation.) In the past you have expressed some disappointment with your short game. Today you played with Danielle Kang who has experience winning a big event. I am sure you were focusing on your game, but also watching her. Anything you picked up or thought you could learn from her?
MIN SUN KIM: (Through translation.) I can't comment specifically about her short game because I wasn't focusing on that. I did notice was that it didn't seem that she was getting a lot of distance off her tee shot, but still she was really aggressive and bold.

I was thinking to myself, I don't know whether it was her personal style or if LPGA Tour players generally are very bold and aggressive.

THE MODERATOR: For golf fans outside of Korea who perhaps don't know you too well, can you tell us who has been the biggest inspiration for you as a golfer, and what do you most like to do when you're not playing golf?

MIN SUN KIM: (Through translation.) Ever since I was a high school student my role model has been (indiscernible). She hasn't been doing very well lately, but I really find inspiration from players who are quite bold in terms of their style.

When I'm not playing golf I actually really enjoy ocean fishing, fishing the ocean.

Q. (Through translation.) This is just a question to clarify earlier comments. Did you mean that earlier even if you win you would like to stay in Korea for two to three years, or did you mean that if you win, your plans to stay in Korea would change?
MIN SUN KIM: (Through translation.) If I were to win I would change my plans immediately.

Q. (Through translation.) Last year you were among the Korean players with the best scores in this event. At one time you were in contention. Does that weigh on your mind today? Do you think this course fits you well?
MIN SUN KIM: (Through translation.) As mentioned, I played well last year, so there is a basic confidence coming into this event.

Also, I think the course also suits me as well. I manage to hit the fairway pretty well on this course.

Also, even if I don't start out strong with my putting, always on this course - I don't know if it's because of the greens - but I always end up improving my putting as the game progresses.

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