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October 12, 2017

Angel Yin

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Angel, that was red hot finish: five birdies in your last eight holes. What was working so well for you out there today?
ANGEL YIN: In the beginning I wasn't hitting it that well. I couldn't hit a fairway. Getting on the green was kind of hard.

After that I kind of figured it out with my swing. Started hitting more greens, and with that, I was able to make more putts.

Putting today worked out pretty well.

Q. What was the longest putt you made?
ANGEL YIN: Longest putt? I made a few lengthy ones, like 20-, 30-footers. I almost made my eagle putt on the last hole. When it got to the hole it broke to the right. I thought it was going to break to the left.

So that was like a 40-footer.

Q. God.
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, maybe. Not sure. I may be exaggerating. I don't know.

I made a few good lengthy ones, like 20-footers, 30-footers.

Q. You must've been very happy with that start. It was cold conditions teeing off today.
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, it was very cold. I didn't really see the sun until I finished.

Jeff told me it was going to be cold when I came to Korea but Monday was really hot. I was like, You just lied to me. I just brought so much clothes.

Now I can actually wear them.

Q. Did you like the look of this course the first time you saw it?
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, I did. Fairway are wide; greens are not too small; they're good sized.

Also when it's too big, if you miss just a little bit you're on the other side and you have like a 30-footer to putt.

It's a good size. Everything is good. I really like how the course is set up and everything.

Q. You've had a great season; you're loving this season. Solheim Cup was obviously one of the highlights. How would you describe how this year has gone for you so far?
ANGEL YIN: Really well. I had two goals this year. One to was to play in the Solheim Cup, which I did.

The other one is Rookie of the Year. I'm a little far from that, but I'm working hard. I've got five more tournaments, so you don't know what's going to happen.

Q. And you're in second place.
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, I'm in second place, so yeah.

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