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October 12, 2017

Chella Choi

Incheon, South Korea

Q. You were even par for the day after 13 holes. What happened then for that blistering finish?
CHELLA CHOI: You know, like I trying to be patient with my game until No. 14, so but No. 14 is very tough. I think handicap one or two.

But anyway, that hole I made a birdie, so I starting that, like I have confidence starting that.

So I have very strong finish, right. I'm very excited.

Q. What was working well? Were you hitting it close? Making putts?
CHELLA CHOI: No. 14 I make -- I have a lot of birdie -- like not much. I miss two birdie putts, so I don't have confidence like when I starting like first front nine.

But I made a really good par putt No. 10 and No. 12, par-3, so after that I think I know how do I my stroke. My putting stroke is too much, too close, my stance, so I try a little bit -- how I call?

Q. Further away?
CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, far. So I try and do that. Stokes better and feels better and strong finish.

Q. Very strong finish. Fives birdies in a row, right up on that leaderboard. You know this course pretty well. Have you always liked it?
CHELLA CHOI: Yes, of course, because course condition is very good, best of the best here, and my whole family and my whole fans came. I'm very exciting my tournament.

Before I'm very exciting. I don't know why.

Q. A lot of Korean golfers say they feel more pressure here.

Q. Because you're playing in Korea. The fans expect and hope. Do you expect and hope? Does that make the pressure more difficult?
CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, feels like more exciting and I am really happy to play in here. Everybody cheer for me, and you, too, right?

Everybody call me my name and call to like fighting and keep doing and good luck.

So everybody give me like love?

Q. Final question. You've got just the one LPGA Tour win. Couple Top 10s this season. How would you assess your form this year?
CHELLA CHOI: Before this tournament I play yesterday, like very cold, so my driving distance is very short. So feels like before tournament feels very tough this year, cold and windy.

So I trying to like just enjoy my game and enjoy with my family and fans. So that's why I think I'll play good.

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