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November 2, 2001

Sandrine Testud


MODERATOR: Questions for Sandrine.

Q. What sort of frame of mind did you come onto the court in?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Look, I didn't feel too bad. I knew that she was sort of ill, not perfectly healthy recently, which doesn't make things easier. If you know she's a bit injured or ill or sick, it doesn't make things easier. I started well. I didn't really get into the match in the beginning. Then she started running a lot. I made her run. She started playing better. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the second set, I had some trouble with my serve and took three breaks in a row. That famous game at 5-All, two or three unbelievable rallies where I should have closed it out. But I got out of it, that's the important thing. That's what matters.

Q. Generally speaking, do you think it was as good as in Filderstadt three weeks ago?

SANDRINE TESTUD: No, no, no. It was so much more intense in Filderstadt, higher levels. There were some good periods here, but our games, hers and mine, was far from being what it was in Filderstadt. Same thing for me. It's a different surface here. I don't really know the surface well yet.

Q. Did you feel her play was up and down?

SANDRINE TESTUD: In the first set, yes. In the first set, my she wasn't really on the court yet. In the second set, she ran a lot. If you know she's a bit ill, she starts sweating. No, I didn't feel she was so diminished in her play.

Q. You never made it beyond the first round at The Masters. How does it feel to be in the semis?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Well, in Filderstadt, once years ago I won one round and I won the tournament. Why not? That would be great, of course. That would be great. I prepared very well. Now let's see. I had some good luck with my match point in the first match against Amelie. But now let's see. I'll do my best.

Q. How do you feel physically?

SANDRINE TESTUD: I'm okay. I relaxed a bit after the match, did some stretching. My legs hurt after the match. Now I've had a massage. I'll have some dinner. No, I feel ready for Serena. Last time I had to play one hour after three hours in Toronto, so I couldn't take my opportunities. This time there will be a good night's rest before I play Serena. I hope I'll be able to play a good match. I beat her once. Why not a second time?

Q. What do you think? Nothing to lose? Now or never?

SANDRINE TESTUD: No. If you're in a semifinals against one of the Williams, you have to be prepared. I know I beat her once. I know what I have to do to beat her. It's not going to be easy. Some good serving and aggressiveness should be okay.

Q. How many specialists are surrounding you, physically, mentally, massage, family?

SANDRINE TESTUD: The family isn't here, unfortunately. But my husband is here. He's my coach. Two people at the Federation, Guy Forget as our Fed Cup captain is here. He looks after me and all the other French players. There is a physiotherapist from the Federation team. He's here for the French players, too. In the tournament, a friend from the Italian Federation who helps as a hitting partner, sometimes as a coach. My doubles partner is here.

Q. You are one of only three players who play the doubles and the singles. What do you prefer?

SANDRINE TESTUD: You can't compare. It's different. I want to do well in the singles competition, although not in each and every event. Sometimes I'm happy about the doubles.

Q. Is it not also a matter of character, if you know how to coordinate your play with somebody in the doubles or are you more somebody who likes to play alone?

SANDRINE TESTUD: I didn't get your question.

Q. I want to know whether you consider it a matter of character to coordinate in doubles or play in singles. What do you prefer?

SANDRINE TESTUD: I'm talking about high-level players. They play doubles because they want to learn the serve, the volley, many things in many game situations where you can benefit from it during the doubles. I like doubles for this - to play volleys, react, good reflexes, anticipation, things you wouldn't find in the singles. But it's very complementary. It's good for my singles.

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