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October 11, 2017

Scott Anderson

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Tell me about your emotions. You're in the quarterfinals.
SCOTT ANDERSON: We're thrilled. I mean, this is what we came down here to do. I mean, the two guys I had to play today were absolutely great competitors; had to play hard. These guys are good out here.

We're excited. Go tomorrow and just keep the same strategy.

Q. Looks like your iron play is in good shape.
SCOTT ANDERSON: Yeah, irons have been strong. We're really working hard on hitting lines. When you're hitting so many 5-, 6-, 7-irons in you can't always go flag hunting. You just have to make sure distance control is on pointe. It's been good all week.

Q. You had a little run there in the middle of the round where you got the lead and you stayed there. Any of those holes that you won on the outward nine, the front nine, that you thought were key?
SCOTT ANDERSON: I mean, 7 was key obviously to get something there, and then I made a 15-footer for par to halve the hole on 8. That was huge.

Then actually made a great up and down out of the bunker on 9 and he three-putted. He kind of gave us that hole.

Still, you know, the caddie and I talked and we just said, Hey, get something inside three feet and put the pressure on him, because he had 60 feet for birdie.

That's a huge match play equalizer. I think it helped us in that circumstance. He's a good dude, and we appreciate the effort he put forth. It was nice to play against him.

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