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October 11, 2017

Bradford Tilley

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. First of all, let's talk about the health. How was it this afternoon?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Similar to this morning. I had to whip out the umbrella to stay the shade. That was more precautionary than anything, but definitely probably smart move. But it's similar. Going to try to stomach some food tonight and stay on top of it with the Powerade. I don't want to let it get back to what it was.

But it's good. I feel better than I felt all week. That is a huge plus. Feels just about as good as (indiscernible.)

Q. Well, if you can survive basically 36 holes of golf in this weather maybe you're on your way back.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah. I feel like we're moving in the right direction and I'm really happy about that.

Q. Obviously this was a high-quality match. You had to fight your way through this one.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah. Well, I mean, every match has been high quality. I've been lucky to play very well and do things at the right time.

I knew this was going to be very tough. I had seen he has been playing well all week. I knew this was going to be a big match. Go into it, and made a great birdie on 1.

Of course he bounced back, took the lead, took a commanding lead. I've been here before. I told myself, Just stay calm. Play the golf course on the back nine. Do what I can do and we'll see what happens.

I was able to take advantage of some solid, consistent play on the back nine. I think I only missed two greens today, and only a few fairways probably. Not sure, maybe a few more.

Q. Down 2 at the turn, but you win some holes with pars. Of those pars, 10, 13, and 14 that you won with, what do you think was one of the key ones there?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Hard to say. 10 was key because I had just gone 2-down; 13 was key because I got even; 14 was key because it was the first time I was up since the 1st hole.

So they're all equally as key. (Laughter.)

Q. Tell me how you made the par on the 14 then.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Hit a great drive down the right site of the fairway. It was perfect. Wind was starting to gust up. Didn't hit my best iron shot. He had missed the green and I hit it to about 40 feet and had an outstanding two-putt down that slope.

Really solid.

Q. Then he came back and made a nice birdie at 15 to square it up.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Great birdie. Yeah, what a bounce-back for him after his two bogeys there. He really bounced back. You know, you expect it when he's playing that well and gone this deep in the championship and a player of that quality. You expect him to do it, and he stepped right up and did it.

Q. Yeah.
BRADFORD TILLEY: I was fortunate. I love the 16th hole for some reason.

Q. What did you hit in there?
BRADFORD TILLEY: 6. Hit 6 every day in there. Tee is rough, but I think we had a little flighting wind today. Pin is all the way back. Played the hole (indiscernible) all week, and did the same today.

He had a little miss cue coming into the green and had to two putt that one up the hill. So that was nice.

Q. Then you're in the rough off the tee on 17 and hit a nice approach out of there. What did you hit and what was your yardage?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Well, that wasn't my best tee shot, but from the practice round I know that left rough is very close to a good line off the tee, but it's brutal. I barely saw my ball in the practice round. You're either going to be buried or have a flyer, and I knew the right side was better. I overdid it. It was not a good drive.

I got a good lie, so that part of that worked out. 198 yards and hit a 6-iron about 12, 13 feet behind the hole. Hit a great putt. That was to close the match out, and I really wanted to get it done there.

I expected him to make that putt for par. He had a great putt, just lipped by the edge.

Q. Uh-huh. 18 obviously you both got into trouble off the tee. Probably your safety, what I call a safety shot, out of the rough went a little farther than you wanted it to.
BRADFORD TILLEY: It did, but it -- given the lie, that was one of my better shots of the day. I was thinking if I wasn't aggressive with that, I might not advance it at all. It was really buried.

So I tried to play smart. I wanted give myself something around 100 yards. I've been good from 100 yards all week. Didn't really want put it in the rough, but ended up going through the fairway a little bit on the pitch out.

Hit a great shot from 100 yards. I think that put a lot of pressure on him.

Q. Yeah, that 56 degree wedge, right?

Q. Looked like it did put some pressure on him.
BRADFORD TILLEY: I'm sure it did. I mean, he's 1-down and trying to stay alive in the tournament. You know, he's been coming up clutch all day; came up really clutch on 17.

So just wanted to apply as much pressure, and I expected him to make the long putt for par. He almost did. I was fully ready to knock mine in to try to close out the match.

Q. Last one. Everything that's happened to you this week on and off the course, what is your mindset right now going into the quarterfinals?
BRADFORD TILLEY: I'm thrilled. I was happy to be here. It's an honor to play any USGA event. Extreme honor, one of my best accomplishments in golf was to become medalist. That was incredible.

Then the health battle. I'm just happy to be healthy, number one. Feeling a lot better. That's great.

I mean, it's really special. So just cherishing every day here. Beautiful venue. All good.

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