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October 11, 2017

Mark Harrell

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. (Recording in progress)...and you only went 1-up, that tells you --
MARK HARRELL: Yes, seven birdies, no bogeys. There was not a bogey in the group.

Q. That's amazing.
MARK HARRELL: Seven birdies and he had six. That equated to 1-up.

Q. That is some serious golf.
MARK HARRELL: Yeah. Shot 63 and went all the way to 18. That's pretty crazy.

Q. Ever had a match like this before?
MARK HARRELL: No, I have not. It was fun, though. I got up early, and I knew early he wasn't going to stop. I had to keep the foot on the pedal and keep trying to make birdies.

He made a long putt on me at 14 from about 35 feet, and I had about a 25-footer and I made it on top of him. It was big. He comes back on the long par-3 the next and makes birdie.

Then he birdies 17 to extend the match, to keep it going.

Q. How long was the putt on 17?
MARK HARRELL: About 20 foot. He made a 20-footer to keep the match going, so...

Q. Did you know what caliber player he was?

Q. He's won the Crump Cup; been a TOUR player.
MARK HARRELL: He's a hell of a player. I knew that anybody that's made it this far is good. You're not going to get an easy match at this stage.

You got to go out and play good golf, and that's what I tried to do this afternoon. I did it, and luckily it was good enough. You know, 7-under normally get it done, but...

Q. What was your best shot of the day? What do you think turned this match for you?
MARK HARRELL: I think the putt on 14, because he wasn't going to stop, and for me to top him -- you know, he had just made a bomb on me. I was 3-up. I mean, to keep it at 3-up was big because I knew he was going to keep making birdies.

Q. You hit a pretty good solid shot on 18 after he hits it in the bunker. Sometimes that's difficult to do. Tell yourself, I gotta hit the green.
MARK HARRELL: It is, you're right. Yeah, I just kept it in the fairway. I kept thinking I got to make birdie because he may make the bunker shot.

There is no reason to stop thinking that par is good enough. Ended up being good enough, but you couldn't stop until the match is over.

Q. Of course, quarterfinal. You know what that means. Trip for next year, so no qualifying next year.
MARK HARRELL: See if we can keep winning and maybe win this thing.

Q. Get back to an Open for you. You've already experienced it once.
MARK HARRELL: Yeah, I would love to go back. Love to go back, yeah. It would be cool.

Q. When did you get your status back?
MARK HARRELL: I got it in 2015.

Q. And how many years you play as a pro?
MARK HARRELL: I played five years of pro from '08 to '13, and then I had to wait two years to get my status back.

Q. And what tour?
MARK HARRELL: Played some Web Tour stuff. Never had a TOUR card. You know, Monday qualified, Hooter's Tour.

Q. Yep.
MARK HARRELL: All that stuff. Had good years, but it's tough.

Q. Unless you're making big money, it's not that easy if you want to have a family. All right, Mark, nice playing. Hell of a round.
MARK HARRELL: Appreciate it.

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