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October 11, 2017

Devaughn Robinson

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. You fought your way back into it; made the birdie at 15. How did you make that birdie?
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: Sort of 6-iron. Kind of flighted it below the wind. Hit maybe ten, twelve feet behind the pin, and made a left-to-right sliding putt for a 2. It was a good 2. And got me back into things.

Q. 16 you missed the green to the right.
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: Yeah, so I've been playing with some blisters, some pretty bad blisters from this morning. They really started kind of popping on the back nine and I started making some loose swings. 16 was just another loose swing; nothing more I can say about that.

Q. Then the second shot at 17. The ball flew on you.
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: Yeah, first ball that flew on me all week. 157; my 9-iron is right at 155, so I'm figuring if it doesn't come out on the number, it'll be soft, short of the pin.

But I made a good up and down from way in the back of the green. Made a good putt for par.

Q. What wedge did you hit from behind the green?
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: 60-degree. It checked up on me a little and left me maybe ten feet for par, but it was a good save.

Q. It looked look you played the right shot to get yourself in position from trouble on 18.
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: Yeah. I didn't get it past the rough, so didn't scoot as much as I wanted it to. But I was still in good shape.

Q. Looked like the ball checked up on you there on your third...
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: On the pitch shot, yeah. Hit a 54-degree. Was expecting it to maybe hop once and released out, but kind of grabbed on me and left me 30 feet. Just the type of putts you don't want to extend when the other guy has an eight-footer for par.

Q. What did you learn about yourself this week?
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: I've got a lot of perseverance, a lot of determination. I counted myself as an underdog. Never thought I couldn't win, but I figured I was an underdog just because of my play and practice situation.

Played a lot through the pain today and fought back hard my first round. Kept it steady my second and third. He's a great player, and to keep him all the way it 18, I have to pat myself on the back for that one.

Q. What did he do well to keep you basically at arm's length?
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: Made some good putts coming down the stretch. Didn't make a lot of mistakes. Hit an errant drive on 17 and recovered well with a long iron. I don't know what he hit, but hit it to maybe ten, twelve feet behind the pin.

Just didn't make many mistakes coming down the stretch.

Q. Does your performance tell you you should be playing more?
DEVAUGHN ROBINSON: Absolutely, yeah. Definitely progression. Moving in the right direction. Hopefully opportunities will open up and I'll get a chance to compete a little more.

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