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November 3, 2001

Sandrine Testud


MODERATOR: Questions for Sandrine.

Q. Are you tired or exhausted?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Maybe a little bit. I had my opportunities in the first set. It wasn't too bad at all. I may have hit the ball better than during my last two matches. There were two or three good breakpoints on her serve. If I can take one of these opportunities and have a breakpoint, then maybe the set would have gone my way. In the second, I think I was too frightened. My play wasn't great really. But the first set was tight.

Q. Looking back at this match, do you think it was a mistake to play yesterday? Maybe you should have played the day before and had a day of rest.

SANDRINE TESTUD: No, I couldn't have done anything about it. I would have been forced to play two matches in a row. No, I don't think this would have changed a lot.

Q. Did you think she was very aggressive?

SANDRINE TESTUD: No, not more than normally. My impression is that if you can keep her at the baseline, she makes quite a few mistakes. You must not let her play angles. Her return was very good. The same roughly as with Davenport. I don't think she plays better than her.

Q. Do you think it was more mentally that you let down in the second set?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yeah. I suppose I let down in the second set. The first, I didn't feel so well. I didn't hit the ball well. But then I had my two or three breakpoints and she only had one. That made the difference, unfortunately. My serve wasn't good. She took the break. It's hard to get back into the match afterwards.

Q. What about your serve? Maybe if your serve had been a bit better today.

SANDRINE TESTUD: Except this one famous game. I think my serve wasn't that bad in the first set. That made the difference. That's why I had my breakpoints, my opportunities. But one second serve, I made a mistake on my return. It's hard to lose the first. Mentally, it's difficult.

Q. What about do you think about this week?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Well, if you would have said I could go to the semis in the Masters, it was a good week. I'm ending a very good season, I suppose.

Q. Do you think you ended the season in a very satisfactory way?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes, I think so. I think it was -- yeah, certainly it was the best in my career, the best in years. I was very consistent. I played well. I beat very good players.

Q. You are going to finish the season among the Top 10 or No. 11.

SANDRINE TESTUD: It's not too bad. It's my best ranking. It's my best season-ending ranking in years.

Q. What about after the Fed Cup?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Total rest. I am going to rest at least ten days.

Q. Not more than ten days?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Maybe more. In terms of tennis, maybe more. But physically I have to get my bum up and do my work because otherwise it's hard to start again at my age, you know. It takes a few days more. I'm not 18 anymore, unfortunately (laughter). If I take a break too long, I'm not going to get started again.

Q. Are you going to leave early for Australia?

SANDRINE TESTUD: No, not really. It starts earlier. In fact, it starts, the first tournament, Gold Coast, starts the 30th of December. Christmas will be at home. It's going to do me well.

Q. Seeing Davenport ending the season as No. 1 without any Grand Slam win, what do you think about that? It's a bit awkward, isn't it?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Well, had she won, she would be No. 1. Now, Capriati - but she was injured two months. She had an incredible end of season. Even since the US Open, she didn't lose a match. Jennifer had two Grand Slam wins. Maybe she would deserve being No. 1, but she isn't. She lost at the beginning of this week. This is what the ranking is. It may be fair or unfair, but the Grand Slam tournaments count most. That's what Davenport said anyway. She said she would have loved winning two of the big ones. If you win two of the big ones, it's easier to end No. 1. But that's the way it went. Of course, it would be more logical to see Jennifer No. 1. That's for sure.

Q. Well, Venus didn't play enough.

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes, but she has two major Grand Slam wins. She only plays five events a year. She'll never be No. 1 if she doesn't play a bit more. This is a purely theoretical question.

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