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October 11, 2017

Scott Anderson

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. A little different for you this time. Not quite out of the gate real fast and had to battle back.
SCOTT ANDERSON: No, yeah, he hit the ball absolutely fantastic. Like from what I've seen, he strikes it as good as anybody out here. I knew he wasn't going to beat himself.

You know, made a lot more birdies than I did, but I just tried to stay steady and focused and play my game.

Q. What's does that say about you to come back on the inward nine like that?
SCOTT ANDERSON: Yeah, I mean, trust me, we're never going to feel like we're out of it. We're just going to keep playing. You can't stop until it's over.

So I think that's probably the easiest way to go, is just keep thinking it's going to go on until you can't go.

Q. You made a par at 16 to take the lead. How did that happen?
SCOTT ANDERSON: Well, I mean, these last three holes are absolutely brutal. You get it to the last three at even up, you got to feel like if you put the ball in play off the tee, smart second shot, you know, over the course of everything, you're going to end up on the right end if you make three pars.

But, at the same point, a guy like that who hits it that good, I mean, a little scary with the birdie on 17, but he's a great guy. We had fun today. Just want to keep moving on.

Q. What did you hit in on your approach on 18, which kind of put the pressure on him there?

Q. And how far?
SCOTT ANDERSON: About 20 feet. I mean, that was my big thing with him in a little bit of trouble, was just make sure we get the 6-iron inside 25 feet.

You know, from there, he has it really think to play aggressive and go from there.

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