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October 11, 2017

Brad Nurski

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Kind of a reunion of Mid-Am runner-ups here.
BRAD NURSKI: Yeah, you know, Billy is obviously a great guy and good golfer and his record speaks for itself. You can't take nothing lightly, especially when you get to this point of the tournament.

Just kind of stayed in my routine and tried to make a bunch of pars. It's a difficult golf course, so try and aim for the fat part of the green, and if it you got to, you got to, you got to go flying at some flags.

But just going to stick with what I'm doing and hopefully it works out.

Q. All of your years of experience now, is that helping you?
BRAD NURSKI: Yeah, I think so. It especially helped yesterday afternoon; it was a tough match. He was making everything he looked at and I really wasn't.

Just kept making pars and my caddie told me to keep my head up and we're going to get this thing.

My putter kind of came alive the last six holes, which was the last three in the extra session.

So, you know, you just got to stay your course, take deep breaths, and stay with your routine. I think that kind of helps.

Q. How did you eagle 5 today?
BRAD NURSKI: I hit it in there about 40 feet and made it.

Q. And you hit...

Q. Driver. And then you had a nice little run there in the middle of the round. Got to 4-up with a birdie on the par-5 as well.
BRAD NURSKI: Yeah, hit a really good drive and had about 240 to the flag. Hit hybrid in there about 20 feet and two-putted for birdie.

Two-putt for birdie around here is always fun. They're hard-to-make putts.

Q. Confidence level high right now?
BRAD NURSKI: Yeah. You know, excited. Excited to be here. It's always fun just to get here, but you win a couple matches and confidence gets a little higher. See happens this afternoon.

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