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October 11, 2017

Michael Muehr

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Give us a quick synopsis of how you played.
MICHAEL MUEHR: Played okay. It's always a competitive match with Mr. Elliott. We've played a lot over the years, at the Crump and various spots.

You know, he's a grinder. We both kind of grinded it out. Neither of us played great. That's the deal with match play. Just got to play a little bit better than the other guy.

Q. What was the turning point for you?
MICHAEL MUEHR: He actually missed a short putt on 10. I had just three-putted nine, and so that put me 2-up. Then he missed about a four-footer.

I just felt like that was a tough spot for him to be, 2-down with a lot of longer par 4s coming up on the back nine.

That's where I kind of felt like I had to put a little more pressure on him and then just hang in.

Q. Do you like the state of your game right now?
MICHAEL MUEHR: I do. I do. I'm very under control off the tee; irons are really solid; putting my longer lie putts really, really close.

So if I can make a few of the shorter ones, I like my chances.

Q. How do you feel? Fatigue? Anything? Did Sunday help?
MICHAEL MUEHR: No, it's really hot. I don't if it really helped because we didn't spend it wisely. We were at a sports bar and then playing gin all afternoon. So I couldn't say Sunday helped.

At some point adrenaline kicks in. I've played enough golf the last two months that I'm in pretty good shape physically, and then a little bit of adrenaline, it's easy to get up physically.

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