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October 11, 2017

Tyler Crawford

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Obviously had a nice little stretch there: six holes in a row.

Q. Talk about that.
TYLER CRAWFORD: Well, he was giving me a few of those.

Q. You had four birdies in there, I believe.
TYLER CRAWFORD: You know, I haven't counted.

Q. I looked on the scorecard. It was four birdies.
TYLER CRAWFORD: Yeah. Well, I guess you could say I was due after having five three-putts in the second round of stroke play there. Didn't play all that well on the front nine yesterday, so kind of waiting for my turn to come.

Thankfully it came. Started at 2nd hole today and just kept coming.

Q. Do you think that can carry over, that kind of momentum can carry over for this afternoon?
TYLER CRAWFORD: Never know how long they're going to last, you know. My driver was the best thing today. I was hitting the driver really well. It was always in play, always putting pressure on him.

Hopefully that's what I can keep going, because that's the most important thing, is the start of every hole. Especially in match play. If you can keep that driver going, you'll keep them thinking and maybe stretch it a little further than they need to.

But the putts, they just come and go, so we'll see.

Q. Is this the furthest you've ever gone in an USGA event, round of 16?

Q. You've played in how many of them?
TYLER CRAWFORD: This is number eight, I think.

Q. Okay.

Q. What's been the difference maybe this week over the other events you've played in?
TYLER CRAWFORD: I don't know. I've had a good year, so confidence is up a little bit.

But nothing really too much different. My first match was just typical. I mean, I ran into somebody who is just a good player and playing well and putting pressure on me.

I got lucky. I Houdini'd out of that first match. I guess in past years I haven't done that.

Q. You're a Mississippi State guy, so you're kind of in SEC country. Any good vibes? You live in California, so...
TYLER CRAWFORD: Oh, absolutely. It's good to be back in the south. I miss the people, miss the food. Great venue. Greens are perfect.

Q. How long have you lived in California?
TYLER CRAWFORD: Sixteen years.

Q. You moved out there from Memphis or...
TYLER CRAWFORD: Austin, Texas.

Q. Okay.
TYLER CRAWFORD: Before that I was in New Orleans area.

Q. So southern guy for most of your life?
TYLER CRAWFORD: Yeah, all of it. So hopefully my accent, I get to learn a little bit of it back. I've heard some people say I lost a little bit of it. I think that may be the worst news I've heard yesterday is that I'm becoming -- I'm from nowhere now.

Q. Yeah. Indio is the far edge of the Coachella Valley. Everything breaks to Indio, right?
TYLER CRAWFORD: Yeah. Everything goes to salt and sea. If you're in Indio it goes to salt and sea. If you're not in Indio, it goes to Indio.

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