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September 4, 1996

Javier Sanchez


Q. What were you feeling when you were two breaks down in the third set? Did you feel that you could turn the match around?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, I don't feel anything. I think I was two breaks down. I made the first break and I thought I still have chance to win this set, but -- and then I win the set and I think the fourth set, when I lost my serve, I made two doublefaults and it was two mistakes that I made by myself. Then he break me and I think that is the key of the match. If I don't make these two mistakes, maybe we still play.

Q. Is Michael at the top of his game right now?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: I don't know. You must ask him.

Q. What did you think of his game today?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, he is a tough player. He is always in the game. He never -- he play all the time and he never -- so he is pretty consistent and he fights a lot and he stay all the match playing and fighting every point and that is pretty tough. I think he is playing okay. Made pretty good passing shots to me today and I think he played normal. He played okay.

Q. What chance will you give him of winning the tournament?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, you never know. He has pretty tough match now, winner of Muster and Agassi. I think it is going to be a pretty tough match also for him. But he is No. 2 in the tournament and I think he has good chances to win the tournament, but you never know. He play pretty well. He is a tough player, like I said before. I think he chances, but the other guys also have pretty good chances too.

Q. Could you talk about the point where you wound up jumping over the net? Do you recall that point?

JAVIER SANCHEZ: Well, I think I made pretty good passing shot. He take the volley like he can and he make a pretty good drop shot and the ball come back to his side and I was running and I don't have time to stop and I jumped the net; if not, I go to the net. It is better to jump then to hit it.

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