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October 11, 2017

Jon Jay

Chicago, Illinois - pregame 4

Q. The Nationals switched to Strasburg. When did you hear that they were doing that, and how does it impact you guys?
JON JAY: We heard about it this morning, but it didn't change anything for us. You know, for our offense, it's easy. Just go out there and do what we're capable of doing.

Q. Different question. From your experience with being in other places, it seems like the Cubs, especially the young players, have a very unselfish core of players. I'm thinking about Almora and Ian Happ not getting regular at-bats; Javy Baez playing second when he could play short. To you, is that business as usual in the Major Leagues, or is that something that's a positive going on here?
JON JAY: I think it's something that's a very big positive going on. I mean, the names you mentioned, Happ, Almora, Baez, these guys are superstars. They are very good players and they are just young. It's hard to find at-bats here sometimes. They have handled it the right way.

They come to the field every day and work hard. It shows whenever their name is called upon, they are always ready. That's a testament for them always staying ready, especially the young guys, and they see the bigger picture which is to try to win a championship.

Q. Is there an edge to you guys at all from having seen Strasburg already, knowing he was great and you were able to take advantage of the first mistake that was made and turn that game around? Does that work in your favor mentally as a team going into this game?
JON JAY: I think for us, you know, it's another game. We're not looking at what happened last time against him, and even though we did win that game, we're looking at it as today is a new day and anything can happen. But we're going to be out there ready to fight and we'll be ready to play.

Q. Seems like this is a pretty set team for next year, but you're one of the few guys that's not necessarily set. Do you think about your own situation here at all during the Postseason?
JON JAY: Right now, it's simple for me. We're here trying to win. When I came here, it was for the chance to be in October and that's what we're doing right now, and I'm extremely happy with that. Right now my goal is to continue to help this team win and continue to, you know, play in October.

Q. Just want to go back to Strasburg for a minute. When you guys walked in the clubhouse today, did you think of this as being a little bizarre, and did any of you guys kind of expect it to happen?
JON JAY: I don't think that I would say it's bizarre. You know, you never know. In the back of my mind, I said, you know, there's a possibility this could happen, but for us it doesn't matter who is pitching out there. We'll be prepared like we are against all the other pitchers, and so looking forward to it.

Q. A lot of athletes say we don't care who is out there pitching or whatever, but you guys have proved that pretty much throughout this year. Where does that mental toughness come from in that clubhouse with this particular group of guys?
JON JAY: I think it comes a little bit from everyone. You know, I think it starts with Joe, and then, you look around at the veterans here; they have a lot of experience, and then the young guys that they have been thrown in the fire before and they have had some success.

You know, I think we all feed off each other, whether it's a veteran guy, younger guy, the coaches, whatever the case may be. We all feed off each other.

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