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October 11, 2017

Bradford Tilley

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Were you worried when you woke up this morning?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah, I was definitely worried. Felt a lot better when I woke up than when I went to bed. I had some pretty good hope, good sleep, lots of fluid.

The trip to the ER last night for the IV was necessary, and I think it put me in the right place to be able to come out and feel somewhat normal today.

Q. What kind of tips did the medical people give you?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Actually not to drink too much water, which I was doing. I guess I was flushing everything out, including the good stuff.

So to drink as much Powerade as possible. Any sports drink. Get electrolytes in. Supplement with a little bit of water, crackers, chicken soup. Pretty standard stuff. Bread.

It was helpful. It was good have to someone tell you, This will help. Any direction that you think is going to put you at the right place is a good feeling.

She seemed to be right, so feeling all right.

Q. Once you started playing did you forget about it?
BRADFORD TILLEY: My stomach is still upset but feeling better today than I felt all week probably. Kind of stayed steady throughout the day. I was wondering if it was going to act up on me, and I just can't sipping Powerade all day and felt all right.

Q. Did you and your caddie have the same philosophy where you...
BRADFORD TILLEY: No. I actually did work today. (Laughter.)

Yesterday was all him. He did everything. He gave me the numbers, the reads, because I was just surviving yesterday. Somehow put together great golf yesterday. I was fortunate. Today everything was normal.

Q. Got off to a great start again. Birdied 5, 6, 7. How did you do it?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah, 5 I played really, really well. Hit a great drive in the greenside bunker and hit a bunker shot to concede; very close.

6 was a little funny. I laughed after I made my shot there. We both made good iron shots, and for some reason the hole played long today. We came up 50 feet short. He had 51 feet, I had 50 right next to each other. He showed me the read.

Somehow I popped in an uphill, winding 50-footer. That was a little bit of luck, right?

And then 7 hit a good 3-wood and hit a wedge fairly close. Made about an eight-footer for birdie there. So it was a very solid hole as well.

Q. From there you're kind of on top and just holding court.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah, you know, I wanted to keep the pedal to the metal. He's been playing well and he's a long hitter. Great player. He was hitting it well today. I knew he was going to make birdies and have looks, so I felt I had to make birdies going forward.

Unfortunately lipped a couple putts out, but really played solid coming in. I didn't really make too many mistakes. I had the one three-putt on -- we both three-putted 13. That was unfortunate for both of us. I followed him there.

After that I just played solid and hit greens, hit it close. He made a great birdie on 15, and then I just hit it really close here on 16, which I think put a little pressure on him.

Q. Are you in the right frame of mind now to play another time today?
BRADFORD TILLEY: I am. I didn't think I would be, but I am. I'm feeling good.

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