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October 10, 2017

Scott Anderson

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Obviously you've played in match play before; first time in a USGA event. Was there any nerves on the first tee?
SCOTT ANDERSON: No, not really. I mean, I've played enough to know what it's going to be like. Fairly confident in my ball striking, so just go out and keep the same game plan we've had the last couple days and go from there.

Q. Seemed to be pretty fluid, that you kept the pace that you had getting off to the start that you did.
SCOTT ANDERSON: Yeah, I'm usually pretty quick out of the gates. That's one thing my caddie and I have talked about, is really not getting into the match but starting out quick. I think that's important in these things, especially if you're going to make a deep run.

That's our focus, coming out and getting quick out of the gates and get started fast.

Q. Birdied the 2nd hole. How did you do that?
SCOTT ANDERSON: Hit a driver into the right rough. Hit a pitching wedge to about 12 feet; made it down the hill.

Q. Won the next hole for par.
SCOTT ANDERSON: Yep. So hit it good, like solid 5-iron about 12 feet right of the stick, and he unfortunately hit it in the bunker.

Just he was outside of me from my first putt, so just lagged it down there.

Q. Got another birdie at 7.

Q. Won that hole.
SCOTT ANDERSON: Yeah. 7 was solid. Just 3-wood down the middle and sand wedge to about eight feet; made that putt, so we were good.

Q. And 11 you pretty much took control where you got another one.
SCOTT ANDERSON: Yeah. He didn't hit his best shot; didn't have his best day unfortunately for him. But 11 I think hurt just from a mentality standpoint. I mean, he was a nice guy and we had a good day. It was fun. This is what the Mid-Am is all about.

Q. Did you know much about him? He has a pretty good USGA record in recent years.
SCOTT ANDERSON: I don't, because unfortunately I haven't been able to play, you know, that much. So I'm kind of taking everybody on an even playing field. I know these guys are really good players and have been playing for a long time, so you got to take everybody seriously out here and play your best.

Q. I talked to somebody else today who is a reinstated amateur, relatively new again to playing at the amateur level. What is your mindset going up against these players who are not professionals but have had good, solid amateur careers?
SCOTT ANDERSON: I think there are so many good golfers out there anymore. I think a lot of the high-level amateurs don't get enough credit for how good they are.

I think they could go out and compete. Would they be able to hold a TOUR card or anything like that, I don't think so.

But you catch anybody on the right week, and they can really play. Like I said, we're not taking anybody for granted out here. It's just you got to go play hard and give everybody a fair shake and go from there.

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