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October 10, 2017

Dusty Drenth

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. How tall are you?
DUSTY DRENTH: I'm tall. 6'4" and a half.

Q. Did you play basketball?
DUSTY DRENTH: Yeah, I played basketball.

Q. Stewart said you were the one guy in the field that could probably out-hit him and hit it as straight as he does.
DUSTY DRENTH: Yeah, my driver has always been my favorite club. I was grooving early and I just kept pulling it and kept ripping it right down the middle of the fairway.

Very I'm a good wedge player, so any time I get wedges in my hand, just try to keep scoring. I got kind of stupid aggressive early and made some mistakes, gave him a couple holes.

Kind of got hot, got in a rhythm later.

Q. He said after the 6th hole you didn't miss a shot.

Q. Bogey on 6, so for you you lost the hole, but...
DUSTY DRENTH: Yeah, I really didn't. From 7 on I was 4-under par, so, yeah.

Q. That's pretty good.
DUSTY DRENTH: Yeah, 7 to 17 I was 4-under par.

Q. Been quite a week for you. Hole-in-one I guess on the par-4 at the practice round, and then get through in a playoff this morning, and then you knock off a guy who has had probably one of the great years in Mid-Am golf. Walker Cup guy, plays at the Open.
DUSTY DRENTH: Well, I knew his resume. This is my first USGA event period. My goal was to make match play and then from there, just -- I've always been a very good match play player -- from there, just hit driver, and if I made double, I only lose one.

You know what? I can birdie with the best of them. So that was my mindset: get in today and just make a ton of birdies. I was able to do some of that.

Q. How about playing Stewart? Did you feel like you were at ease? You have nothing to lose, because everybody expects him to do well and you're the guy that nobody has ever heard of?
DUSTY DRENTH: Yeah. Exactly, no one has ever heard of me in this area, but in the Ohio/Illinois area people know me fairly well.

But, with being said, yeah, I had nothing to lose. I had accomplished my goal of making match play. I went out with nothing to lose and I swung and went for it.

I was going to go out swinging, and I just happened to play some really good golf.

Q. Yep. How do you feel going forward now that you knocked off a big guy? You have to get yourself up. You know, like you see in the NCAA tournament, you see the big upset and then you got to come back the next day and do it all over again.
DUSTY DRENTH: Yeah. This is just golf. My first tournament was when I was six years old. I've been playing golf for 23 years. I've been around the block a little bit. Go home, have a good lunch here, get some rest, and go at it in the morning.

Just try to play my game. That's all it is.

Q. What is the best result you've ever had in a competition?
DUSTY DRENTH: Well, this year I shot 62 and I shot 63. Well, I shot 63 at the Quad City Am, the first time I shot 9-under. Won that tournament.

And then the Juliette Am, which is a pretty big tournament in Chicago, I shot 62, 70, maybe. Probably Google it. But I shot 10-under.

I've actually been having a great summer of golf. So I've won multiple times and shot some really low numbers. Playing 4-under on the last 12 holes isn't surprising to me, because I've done it this year.

Q. Good summer, good fall, right?
DUSTY DRENTH: Yeah, absolutely.

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