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May 17, 2002

Sandrine Testud


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. I noticed the crowd, they hoped you would win.

SANDRINE TESTUD: I did, too. But I didn't play well, and she played very well. I was a little bit tired both mentally and physically. I had a tough match yesterday. She's a very tough player. She has a lot of rhythm. I also served very badly, and you cannot afford it.

Q. You seemed like another person from yesterday.

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes, there were two or three games where I could have won and turned the match into another thing, but I made too many double-faults. And she hits the ball so hard, and she's so fast and she moves so well. It wasn't a good day.

Q. Are you happy? Are you satisfied?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes, I am. Well, I wanted to do well because I have a lot of friends here. And I'm sad if I have disappointed them. But I hope they'll follow me to Paris.

Q. Do you have trouble with your foot?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes. Achilles' heel.

Q. How does it feel being the French No. 1?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Well, we'll see at the end of the year. Yes, I think it's my first time. I didn't know it. Well, now it doesn't change much. But it would be great if I could end my year being No. 1.

Q. Were you a little bit tired because of yesterday's match?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes. I wasn't 100% fit. When we were 2-love, 30-love in the second set, I sensed that she was getting nervous. But I couldn't make the big point.

Q. It was the first time you played against her?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes. I had practiced with her sometimes. But I knew that I had to play 100% to beat her, or that she would have to make many mistakes. But it didn't happen.

Q. She's always finding those angles.

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes, she is. And she's going for every shot, and she has an answer for every shot because she moves so well.

Q. But you can still be satisfied with your tournament here?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes, of course. Now it's important for me to rest and get ready for Roland Garros.

Q. What are you doing next week?

SANDRINE TESTUD: I have no tournaments planned. I'll practice for Paris. Now I still have doubles to play. I hope it will be fine, but then I have to be patient and calm down.

Q. Do you think that Clijsters is a favorite for this tournament?

SANDRINE TESTUD: Yes, of course. I know that even at my best I might have lost to her today because she doesn't make many mistakes and she puts a lot of pressure on you. She serves very, very well, and she beat Venus in Hamburg. So, of course, she can win. She will meet Henin tomorrow, who's not at her top form, so why not? Of course she can win.

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