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October 10, 2017

Bradford Tilley

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Considering you're battling some type of virus, how did you get yourself through today?
BRADFORD TILLEY: I'm not sure. Just told myself to keep going, hit one shot, drink as much water as possible. I had to lie down between shots. Actually should have started that earlier, because when I did that, I got a little bit of pause from the pain and discomfort.

Q. How many bottles of fluid do you think you drank today?
BRADFORD TILLEY: 20. I have no clue. At one point I knew it was going to come back up the wrong way. I kept doing it, and it did on 9. Ended up losing 9, but played an incredible back nine.

Was really more of a fight. I didn't really read too many putts. I leaned on my caddie to read the putts. I asked him to give me all the numbers and I hit the shots and tried to rest as much as I could, get in the shade as much as I could. Dumped water on myself a couple times.

Just really a mental fight really.

Q. With all that, you go out and you birdie the 2nd and 5th holes to get going, and really didn't trail after that point. How did you birdie 2 and then 5?
BRADFORD TILLEY: 2 I hit it in really close. Hit it to about four feet straight up the hill.

Q. What did you hit in yardage?
BRADFORD TILLEY: I had 140 yards and hit a little choke-nine in there.

And hole 5 I hit a fantastic tee ball and put it in the greenside bunker. Hit it relatively close, and unfortunately my partner struggled a little there so it was a concession.

Q. Uh-huh. And then 11 you got another birdie.
BRADFORD TILLEY: Yeah. 11 was probably feeling the worst, other than when I was throwing up on 9. Just had a really good number, and I told myself, Get over the ball, make a swing right at the flag, and for some reason it came out perfect. I essentially had a tap-in there, two and a half, three feet.

Q. Was it conceded?
BRADFORD TILLEY: No. I made that one. And then we both birdied No. 12. Yeah, we both made very nice putts there. I rolled in a 15-footer, and he responded with about a 14-footer.

Then I lipped out for birdie on my chip on 13. He made a really nice putt maybe to 18 feet, something like that, to dig into my lead a little bit.

I was fortunate enough to close it out with a par victory on 14.

Ended up losing 15, but bounced back and made an incredible birdie on the last one, 16.

Q. How you make a birdie on 16?
BRADFORD TILLEY: I hit a really good drive, first of all. That's what you need on that hole. Hit a cut little 6-iron in there from about 190 yards and had about a 7-footer down the hill and made it right in the middle.

Pretty special birdie; a moment of relief. Felt really good.

Q. Well, you've got time to rest. What's the game plan the rest of the day?
BRADFORD TILLEY: Hydrate, rest, possibly seek medical help. We're going to find out; talk with everyone and get some input and see what's best to do.

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