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October 10, 2017

Thomas Todd III

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. First time in match play. Was there a different feeling stepping on the tee because you haven't been in this situation before?
THOMAS TODD III: I think so. 1st hole I bogeyed. I was a little nervous, a little tight. Played the 2nd hole a little sloppy.

After that I just told myself it's just golf. Just settle in. I just started hitting shots and I really got in a nice flow. I felt in control probably from 5 on. Really in control.

So putter was working, driver was working. Everything was going well today. Thinking well.

Q. Did you know much about your opponent? He had got to the quarterfinals a few years ago.
THOMAS TODD III: Well, I thought I remembered that; I wasn't sure. But, you know, I told myself when you get in match play, there are no easy draws. Everybody is capable.

So just try to take it one shot at a time and play my game. I think I did a good job of that today.

Q. What's clicking for you? You're making a lot of birdies.
THOMAS TODD III: Yes, sir. I mean, I've got a really good mindset, for one. I've tried to enjoy the whole week, the process, one shot at a time.

I'm swinging well; I'm putting well. That's a very good combination. I think we're thinking well. We're taking it a shot at a time, not getting ahead of ourselves. Just enjoying being here.

Q. Couple of those birdies, which one or two of those stand out for you today that was the key?
THOMAS TODD III: Well, 5 -- we were all square after 4. I drove it on the green about 25 feet for eagle. He had a par putt, so that easy win.

And then...

Q. Was that a conceded putt?
THOMAS TODD III: He conceded. I putted eagle putt up to about inches and he conceded.

Q. Yeah.
THOMAS TODD III: 7 I made birdie, which helped. And then I guess I was pretty good, in control. I birdied 11, and that's when I think that -- I felt that -- you know, it's never over until it's over, but I felt really good after that.

Q. How did you birdie 11?
THOMAS TODD III: Hit 3-wood, punch 9-iron to about 15 feet, and made it.

Q. And then you played your favorite hole, the 12th.
THOMAS TODD III: Yes, sir. Hit a good drive. I think I had 236 and should have hit this trusty club, but I hit 3-iron. I hit a pretty good shot right at it and it hit the top of the bunker, came back in. Hit it out about four feet, and he actually conceded that putt. He missed his par putt.

Q. Last one from me. Two your confidence at the highest point it's ever been in amateur play?
THOMAS TODD III: It's very high. It's been probably like this before. I'm streaky, so when I get going well I feel that -- I feel that when I'm playing my best that I'm tough to beat, so...

I can get off like anybody. Yes, sir. My confidence is very high. I'm feeling good about everything. Every day is a new day. You hope you wake up thinking the right way.

You're timing is not perfect every day. Yeah, it's very high. Yes, sir.

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