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October 10, 2017

Jason Anthony

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Nice win today, beating obviously a pretty decorated guy, probably the most decorated guy in this field.
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah, and probably nicest guy in the field, too. I mean, what a gentleman. I was lucky enough to play the two stroke-play rounds with him, so I got to know him a little bit. I think it made playing against him a little easier.

Q. Kind of understood his game?
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah. Walking up to the first tee without knowing who he is and just his resume might have been a little bit more intimidating. Got to play with him, got to know him as a good guy, and we just had a good time and I played well.

Q. Had you played with him before?
JASON ANTHONY: Nope. First time was Saturday/Sunday in the stroke play.

Q. So never even met him before?

Q. Okay. I was reading something in the San Francisco Chronicle that you never practice.
JASON ANTHONY: It's pretty true.

Q. Really?
JASON ANTHONY: I'm working six days a week; I play in about 15 to 20 tournaments a year, and that's about it. I just play golf.

Q. So, I mean, I guess your warmup routine is four 8-irons and four 4-irons.
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah, I hit about anywhere from eight to fifteen balls on the range and just go out and play.

Q. That's it. Something you do this week, too?
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah. I'm not going to change it.

Q. Most guys have to get their swing in rhythm, have to do hours of short game.
JASON ANTHONY: I've always been a guy where less is more. You know, when I go out and just enjoy golf and have fun I play better.

When I go start grinding and practicing I expect more and I get a little tighter, I guess. So just no point in changing anything.

Q. Works for you.

Q. If you can figure it out on the golf course if something is going wrong?
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah, you're going to figure it out pretty soon what you're doing wrong and just deal with it from there.

Q. So you don't go to an instructor regularly or...
JASON ANTHONY: No. My best friend Eric Lillibridge, he's the head instructor out at Casa de Campo in the Dominican, so he works with me a little bit.

Overall I'm self-taught.

Q. Do you fly to the Dominican or do you do it videotape-wise?
JASON ANTHONY: No. I mean, whenever I see him he takes a look. I mean, I'm really self- taught.

Q. Okay. I guess you played three years at Napa Valley?

Q. How do play three years at a junior college?
JASON ANTHONY: I played two years at junior college; I went there for three years, and then I transferred to Fresno State.

Q. Just for one?
JASON ANTHONY: For two years.

Q. You played there for two years?

Q. And you tried professional golf or...
JASON ANTHONY: Played on the Canadian Tour for four years after college, and then quit golf for a year and started playing again and having fun.

Q. What made you quit?
JASON ANTHONY: Lost all my hair. So played at Fresno State. What made me quit? Become a job. Started missing cuts by one and finding different ways to miss cuts by one.

Q. Too much practice.
JASON ANTHONY: Honestly, I put too much pressure on myself. I'm working in the family business now.

Q. Car washes?
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah. I love it.

Q. And you manage like 12 or something?
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah. We have 12 locations; we got 180 employees. Never a dull moment.

Q. So you fit golf in between?
JASON ANTHONY: I'm lucky enough -- you know, I work six days a week when I'm home, but I'm lucky enough to be able to go do things like this and get away and go compete.

Q. Last year you got to the round of 16; lost to Stewart.

Q. So you know what it takes obviously to win these things.

Q. What did you learn from that that will help you with this week?
JASON ANTHONY: You know, I learned you got to stay -- my body kind of gave out on me last year.

Coming into this week, I really tried to get in shape the last month. Started running. I really got tired and it really get to me, especially 36-hole days like this with the humidity. It wore me down.

You know, you got to be good for six matches. I got five more to go and I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Won't even practice? Just eat lunch and...
JASON ANTHONY: Eat lunch, have a drink, go relax.

Q. Just relax, go back out tomorrow?

Q. Not many guys can do that.
JASON ANTHONY: It's just golf.

Q. I know it's just golf, but it's a high level of golf you're playing.
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah, but I'm not going to change what makes me successful. I'll go out and have some fun.

Q. I think you had three or four birdies on the front.
JASON ANTHONY: I had four birdies on the front, one on the back, so 4-under.

Q. You make that many birdies against a guy like him, got to put you in a comfort zone.
JASON ANTHONY: This honestly is the perfect course for me: all carry off the tee; a lot of iron shots into the greens. That's the strength of my game, so...

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week. I think I got a good chance.

Q. Somebody told me you play a lot with Randy.
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah. Randy and I, we haven't necessarily won anything. We played in the four-ball at Wingfoot. We've done pretty well with some other stuff. Won some NCGA stuff in Northern California.

Q. How many NCGA events those have you won?
JASON ANTHONY: I won two this year. Randy and I won Mid-Am Best Ball, and then I won the NCGA Valley Am. I think I wrapped up the points title as well for the year.

Q. Ever won player of the year?
JASON ANTHONY: No. This would be first year. It's exciting.

Q. This is your second Mid-Am?

Q. Third.
JASON ANTHONY: Yeah. Played at St. Johns or John's Island.

Q. So you've played the last three?
JASON ANTHONY: The last three. Made it to match play all three years. So round of 64, round of 16...

Q. Natural progression?

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