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October 9, 2017

Austin Barnes

Phoenix, Arizona - postgame 3

Dodgers - 3, Diamondbacks - 1

Q. What does this mean for you to have that kind of success in a game like this?
AUSTIN BARNES: Yeah, obviously it was a big game for us, to come in here and face a really good pitcher in Greinke and scratch a few runs across. Our pitchers did an amazing job with Yu and the whole bullpen.

Yeah, it was a big game.

Q. When Cody went for that foul ball toward the dugout and went over the railing, what are you thinking? Are you thinking don't do that, or what's going through your mind?
AUSTIN BARNES: Yeah, it was an unbelievable play. He made a few unbelievable plays out there that probably go unnoticed. But could definitely swing the game in different ways. But, yeah, I think he showed a lot of heart right there going over the rails. Fell over pretty good.

So, I mean, yeah, he was going all out. I think it just shows the kind of person he is.

Q. Talk a little bit about the confidence that Dave Roberts has shown in you. He really talks highly of you. Then maybe even a little bit of the Arizona connection with Arizona State and Cody being from here and everything, too, how it was playing in this town.
AUSTIN BARNES: Yeah, it's always nice when your manager has that faith in you. Yeah, it was nice to be in the lineup and be able to contribute with the guys. Yeah, being from Arizona, from Arizona State, Arizona kind of feels like a second home really. I've been over here for a little while, three years in college. My little brother actually is out here now.

Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with it. Yeah, it's great to do it here.

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