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October 9, 2017

Patrick Corbin

Phoenix, Arizona - pregame 3

Q. Hey, Pat. What have you been doing to stay sharp? I know it's been a while since you've thrown.
PATRICK CORBIN: Yeah, throwing bullpens as well as I can. I've been in the bullpen a couple times just in case, so it's kind of a little difficult trying to find when to throw, when not to throw.

But been able to throw a couple times. Got to throw last day in L.A., so I'm fresh, ready to go, and excited to get the ball.

Q. Has it helped you to get a look at the Dodgers here these last couple games? Does that help at all? I know you've seen them play in regular season too. But during postseason, get a feel for what it's like?
PATRICK CORBIN: Yeah, I think the Wild Card Game helped. My first time seeing a postseason game up close. That atmosphere was amazing. So I think all the pitchers just got to go out there and kind of get back to what we're good at, and I think maybe we've shied away from that a little bit as a staff.

So I think that's just one thing. Just get back to our strengths, attack these hitters, and let the defense play behind us.

Q. A lot of pitchers have talked about that postseason game, going into it they'll say, hey, it's just like any other game, but a lot of them have struggled a bit with it. What have you learned from watching other guys, even the games you've had a chance to watch?
PATRICK CORBIN: Yeah, I mean, it hasn't -- these last couple games haven't gone the way we wanted. We had some really good starters go out there that didn't have the games that they'd like.

I don't know. I haven't pitched in the postseason, obviously, but I'd like to say I just want to go out there, compete, stick to my strengths and give our team the best chance to win.

Q. What's stood out to you about the way the Dodgers' hitters -- the approach they've taken against you guys?
PATRICK CORBIN: I mean, they're really deep top through bottom. Being left-handed, they have some power left-handed batters in their lineup, so hopefully can just keep them in the ballpark. They have some really good righties that hit lefties well. So you've just got to focus down in the zone, just try to make your pitches, minimize your mistakes.

I think we kind of pitched around some guys sometimes here and there and weren't really aggressive. So it's something that I think I'll try to do. Just try to pitch my game, be aggressive in the zone and just try to let them put the ball in play and pitch to my strengths.

Q. I guess you maybe just answered my question, but when you say getting away from what you guys have done well all year, is that just kind of attacking hitters and being more aggressive?
PATRICK CORBIN: Yeah. I think, yeah, like you said, we've done it all season. All of our starters have pitched deep into ballgames and have kept us in games. It starts with pitching and defense. I'm excited to just get the opportunity to go out there.

And that's something I'm going to try to do is just get ahead of their guys. Strike 1 is very important, and I think if you do that, everything else plays off that.

Q. In the postseason, starting pitchers are getting a lot quicker hook than they do during the regular season. You see that throughout the playoffs. Knowing that the margin for error isn't going to be that great and that you're not going to be able to work yourself out of situations like you would in the regular season, how does that change anything you might do when you go out there?
PATRICK CORBIN: I think you've just got to come in and be ready to go. You're not going to kind of just stick with your fastball the whole time like you would maybe normally. You might mix it up there, throw some more sliders, throw some more breaking balls and more changeups or something like that.

But, yeah, you've just got to -- you've just got to keep them off balance. For us, it's do or die these last couple games. We need three in a row, so whatever it takes to get through these games, and it starts with tonight. Tonight's the most important one.

Q. In late July and August you had a really nice run there, four or five in a row, ERA under 0. What was working for you, and can you bring that into a possible Game 4 tomorrow?
PATRICK CORBIN: Yeah. I struggled probably a couple months or a month into the season just getting ahead of guys. That's something -- I mean, strike 1 is very important. When I can do that, I can pound guys inside, throw my slider more, backdoor it, use my changeups.

So that's something that worked really well for me. My first season was getting ahead of guys, throwing strike 1, letting them get early outs. I think that's something that they know I like to do. Turner Ward's their hitting coach, so he's been with us, and I played for him, so he's got a good idea what I want to do, and I have a good idea what I want to do against them.

Q. Your numbers here at home have been really good this year, and it seems like the team as a whole has played just a lot better at home than on the road. What do you attribute it to both for you and as a team?
PATRICK CORBIN: I'm not sure. I mean, I think last year we were the complete opposite. We like to go out there and we try to win every game, whether it's home or away. I know the crowd's going to be awesome. That will definitely play a factor, will help.

So we've got to get off to a good start, try to put up a zero there in the first, and try to score early. Put the pressure on them. Like I said, these next three games, if we make it, are going to feel just like that Wild Card Game.

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