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October 8, 2017

Terry Francona

Trevor Bauer

New York, New York - postgame 3, Canada

Yankees - 1, Indians - 0

Q. Tito, just first of all, what can you say about the effort Carlos gave you, especially given the way Tanaka was pitching as well?
TERRY FRANCONA: I thought he was tremendous. He came out, looked like he was using the adrenaline to his advantage, throwing a nice, crisp fastball and real good offspeed. That's two of the better starting performers you're going to see, because Tanaka was -- unfortunately, that was one of the better games we've seen all year.

Q. Tito, can you walk us through some of your decisions in the eighth with your trying to -- when you brought in Chisenhall, and what was your thought process on some of that?
TERRY FRANCONA: Well, one, you're trying to win. But, two, figured that once they go to Chapman, he has to get five outs, and if you're not going to win, second best is trying to make them use their bullpen while we don't. And that's kind of the strategy. Once Andrew gave up the run, we tried to get him out and keep the score right where it was.

Q. Terry, what made Tanaka so good? Was it the splitter? Looked like he was throwing it hard.
TERRY FRANCONA: It's multiple things. It's got so much movement to it, sinking down, and he's also got so much deception with it. And the hope was we could either lay off of it which we weren't having much success, or somebody -- or a couple guys might -- like Frankie got enough of that one that Judge caught where maybe it would take a little bit of the conviction out of him throwing it. But it was tremendous.

THE MODERATOR: Joined by Trevor Bauer. Questions for either one of these guys?

Q. Terry, your decision to go with Trevor in Game 4 and, Trevor, just how --
TERRY FRANCONA: I didn't even know. He just showed up. No. Once we had a chance to visit today and make sure -- we took stock of kind of where we were with Tomlin throwing in the bullpen, and we actually got him up tonight. We just wanted to check on Trev, make sure he was okay. Once he was good to go, I think he'll be just fine.

Q. Your thoughts on starting, Trevor?
TREVOR BAUER: Tonight was a fun game. Looking forward to another one tomorrow. It's always more nerve wracking being in the dugout watching than it is being out there playing. So looking forward to my opportunity tomorrow for sure.

Q. Tito, when Trevor started Game 1, you said part of the idea was his durability and ability to bounce back. Just, again, just how much of that aspect play into if you ran into this type of situation.
TERRY FRANCONA: Flexibility was one of the things we talked about early on, and now it's going to get a chance to hopefully really help us. That's the idea.

Q. Terry, is Andrew Miller okay? Will you have him tomorrow, based on how much he --
TERRY FRANCONA: He only threw nine pitches.

Q. So yes?
TERRY FRANCONA: Yeah. He might pitch forever tomorrow.

Q. Trevor, not that it's a huge deal, but how, if at all, does your routine change on three days' rest as opposed to regular? Did you do anything different over these past few days than you would have normally?
TREVOR BAUER: Yeah. I consider this normal rest for me. I enjoy pitching on short, I guess, technical definition of short. But if I could draw it out, personally, this is how I'd pitch every time. Take my normal two days' recovery after my start and then do my day before routine today, and then roll it out there tomorrow. So I'm feeling very confident where I'm at.

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