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October 8, 2017

Hanley Ramirez

David Price

Houston, Texas - postgame 2

Boston - 10, Houston - 3

THE MODERATOR: Take questions for Hanley and David.

Q. David, Farrell said that you told him before the game you would be able to throw 80 pitches. How I guess good were you feeling heading into this game and kind of what made you tell him that?
DAVID PRICE: I don't know, I just told him that, to be honest, just felt all right, I wanted to help this team win. Our guys did a great job, after Houston put up three, we responded back, Hanley did what he did today, that was a good game.

Q. Hanley, can you talk about bringing out the sign before the game and what made do you that and talk about the day.
HANLEY RAMIREZ: When I signed here, when I first got called up I got a chance to be in the clubhouse with the team in 2005 and we made it to the first round and that was it, but my point is that the Red Sox, it's an unbelievable team and it's a winning team, it's about winning here. This attitude we have, everybody here wants to win and we just tried to continue that legacy to keep going on this team, to keep it going. There's a lot of young guys here that are going to play here for a long time, so just trying to wake everybody up.

Q. David, what does it mean to you to be able to perform like that in a game of this importance and to have the fans clearly show their appreciation to you?
DAVID PRICE: It feels good to put up zeros in the playoffs. Like Hanley said, that's why I signed here. I knew we had a good team, I knew we would have a good team for a long time, and this is the second year I've been here and to win back-to-back AL East titles, that's, we're moving in the right direction and I think we all understand how good of a team we have in this clubhouse and just focus on today.

Q. Were you feeling the love from the fans?
DAVID PRICE: Yeah, that was a good performance.

Q. Lastly, what was that dust up with the last hitter, your last at-bat, the last guy you pitched to? You were yelling toward the plate. What was that about?
DAVID PRICE: I saw him take his bat and try and hit Sandy's glove. Ya'll saw that? Okay.

Q. Hanley, you're around David all the time, what's this mean for you as a team and for him for what he did today to help you get to the next, to one more game?
HANLEY RAMIREZ: It doesn't surprise me. I know David, he's a machine, he's a competitor, and when he's on the mound he's going to give everything he has. That's him, that's his attitude and that's why he's here. And it was good to keep the scoreboard and keep us in the game and we have a chance to open the score.

Q. David, you saw how dangerous their hitters were the first two games and even in the first inning today, what was it like just that challenge of how you were able to kind of hold these guys down and help your team change the momentum a little bit?
DAVID PRICE: They changed the momentum before I came in with the hits we had, I think in the third inning. Devers, with that big hit, Hanley, one of his four, our offense, they responded back. We were in a hole after the top of the 1st and for us to rally the way that we did there in that bottom of that third inning, that was big. But just go out there and throw my game, go out there and execute pitches, had some good defensive plays with Bogey getting that ground ball and throwing it to second and Mookie coming in on that line drive, that was, got to have good stuff happen and we had good stuff happen today.

Q. With the 57 pitches today, when do you think you would be able to pitch again?
DAVID PRICE: I'll feel fine tomorrow.

Q. David, is there anything about a relief role that suits you particularly well or that you feel?
DAVID PRICE: I can do this as a starter, too, I just haven't done it yet. Period. Pitching suits me well and that's what I did. It has nothing to do with relieving or starting, I just threw the ball well today.

Q. I know this is thinking ahead a little bit but stretched out to almost 60 pitches today, if you guys do move on do you anticipate being in a starting role in the next round?
DAVID PRICE: I would love to.

Q. David, have you guys had discussions about that at this point?
DAVID PRICE: No, we have not.

Q. And is this the best moment you've had in a Red Sox uniform?
DAVID PRICE: Yup. By far.

Q. David, just with everything that was riding on today, for you personally, for the team as a whole, how much did you feel like you had to go out and proof something today?
DAVID PRICE: Coming out of the bullpen, I mean, if I throw well out of the bullpen that doesn't mean anything, I got to do this as a starter. I know that, y'all know that, y'all write it and it will be talked about. I mean, I want to help this team win right now. That's, if it's coming out of the pen, I'm going to do it. If it's playing center field, I'll do it. It doesn't matter to me. I want to win. That's why I came here, we just need to keep it going, whatever the team asks me to do, that's what I'm going to do. They know I want to start, they know I want the ball.

Q. Hanley, is this as good as you've felt in the plate for awhile?
HANLEY RAMIREZ: And physically. And physically. But it's the mindset. It's the playoffs. I've been saying this from the first day, when that first game comes, nothing hurts, you just got to go out there and find a way to perform. I think that that's my job, find a way to come through in big situations.

Q. But do your shoulders still hurt?
HANLEY RAMIREZ: It is way better. It is way better. It is way better. Definitely. Definitely. I'm going to keep working. Just going to keep working. Right now nothing hurts. It's the playoffs. It's go time.

Q. David, how happy were you just to be able to kind of save the rest of the bullpen today, Craig didn't have to pitch, Addison only pitched winning just with what you guys still have left to do in the series?
DAVID PRICE: That was good. But our offense putting up those runs there in the bottom of the 7th, that was a big part of it as well. To give us that breathing room and to have Carson go out there and throw the ball the way he did in the top of the 9th, that was good. Just to give Craig a day, Addison didn't throw too many pitches, I'm sure we'll see those two guys at some point tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, guys.

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