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June 27, 2003

Paradorn Srichaphan


MODERATOR: Paradorn Srichaphan. Who is going to go first?

Q. Must be nice to win a match in straight sets.

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, you know, after first two matches in five sets, my body's really sore yesterday. You know, my dad give me a lot of massage yesterday which is really help. My body holding up pretty good today. I (do/don't) feel sore at all. But I'm glad to win in three sets today.

Q. You seem pretty much in control.

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, it's look like it. But in the second set he broke me first. You know, I just tried to hang in there and stay focused. I'm really concentrate on my game today.

Q. A lot of people are talking about him as the next Top 10, Top 20 player. What do you think?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: I think he could be really, you know, top player in the future because he's still young. He got a big shot. You know, I would say if I play him on clay, I think I have no chance because he is grow up on clay. He could be a great player in the future.

Q. No physical problem? Leg is fine?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Everything is healthy. Just a little, you know, been playing a lot of, you know, set for the last three days. I think my body's hold pretty good. I do stretch a lot. You know, like I say, my dad give me massage a lot.

Q. How much faster or slower will the ball seem to you from Roddick than playing indoors?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, yeah, last time I play him in indoor. You know, this is grass. I think his game is suit well on grass. Is going to be a tough one.

Q. How fast are those courts in Paris?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Is not fast like here, I think, because is grass. I think, you know, if the conditioning is dry, is pretty close to Paris.

Q. And how did you do against his serve there?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: You know, last time 7-6, 7-6, really tight match. You know, is the last tournament of the year. You know, I'll try my best. I been playing my best tennis in my career last year for couple weeks in a row. I finish, you know, semifinal in Paris.

Q. On the first point of this match, he hit a smash, you returned it for a winner. Did you get the feeling when you did that, you were kind of sending a message that you were doing things maybe people that opposed him as a junior couldn't do?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: You know, first point I remember he hit the smash and I just hit the ball back, winner forehand. Well, the ball just come to me and I just wait right there. The only thing, I just have to hit the ball to him.

Q. Was your biggest advantage today your size compared to him?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: I really concentrate on my game today and really confidence to go out there because actually I love the way he hits the ball. I mean, he hits it pretty good. He's really quick around the court. You know, he's great player. I think I hit the ball well today. I'm moving well, serving well. Just be confidence on the court.

Q. What's going on in Thailand? Are you hearing from people? Is there a tremendous reaction?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah. They been following my match since first round.

Q. On television?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: They televise it live every day on local channel, which is Channel 7. All the people, you know, stay in the house watching. Actually, today is Friday. I start at 1:00 here, which is 7:00 in the evening on Friday. My friends call me. "It's raining here, but there's no traffic here." Normally is traffic on Friday evening.

Q. Everybody is in watching Paradorn?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah. It's great (smiling).

Q. In the second set, there was an overrule from the umpire. You questioned it. Everybody was talking about the reaction that Greg made on Wednesday. You seem to just make your point, broke his serve. Is there anything that goes through your mind in that situation? Is it just the way you are?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, this is the way I am, you know, because the umpire already overrule it. What else can I do? I just asked him a little bit. "What's going on that point?" I just tell him, "The line is call out, but you overrule it?" "Yeah, I overrule." "Did you see it clear?" "Yes, I see it clear." I miss the next point, 40-15, hit something big from the back, break that game.

Q. Is it easy to forget about it?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: It's just one point. Is nothing to worry about it because it's just one point, it's 30-15. You know, I don't want to keep that point in my mind and, you know, lost my concentrate on whole match.

Q. Leander Paes has spoken about the advantages of coming from India, the rich culture of India. What are the advantages of coming from Thailand and having grown up there?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: I think Thai people from Thailand, the religion is Buddhist. We have temple here in Wimbledon, which is like five minutes away from my house. I went there every two days. Go to see a monk, try to keep it calm. This is really great. Sitting down, meditation for five, 10 minutes, you know, keep it quiet. You know, just make it easy.

Q. Do you use a mantra?


Q. Could your monk quiet down Andy's serve?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, I don't think so. I just try to get the ball back and play in the point.

Q. Could you discuss what you discuss with the monk?


Q. Was that a blister on your right hand?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: On my finger right here, blister. It just happen today after first set.

Q. The tape was red. You didn't sense victory?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, is red. But they also have in white. I decided to take it red because, you know, I can't wear anything red. The third set I pull my red shirt out, I can't wear it, just put it on my chair.

Q. You have a red towel?


Q. What was that that you waved over your head?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: That's my red shirt.

Q. Is your game in the shape where you think you can win here, the tournament?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, you know, I never think that far because I just going to go out there and do it one by one. Next one is Andy Roddick. His game is really tough on grass. You know, he's great player. He's really concentrate now, a lot of confidence on his game now.

Q. When Greg Rusedski got a decent look at a first serve, on most of Andy's second serves, he wanted to get the ball back down the middle deep, make Andy play. When you get a look at a second serve, are you going to take a whack at it?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: No, I don't think I can whack that ball. His really kick, I mean especially his second serve. I play him twice and his kick serve is really kick. Could be over my head sometimes. I'm just going to push the ball back and play out the point. The main thing is I have to holding my serve.

Q. Do you think you played better today than you did against Agassi here last year?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, is pretty even today, I think. The way I hit the ball, I just feel the way I play Agassi here last year.

Q. The slogan here at Wimbledon is the Kipling quote that you should treat the impostors of victory and defeat as the same. Is that something that is consistent with your thinking? Do you focus solely on the victory side?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Even I lost or win, I thinking it's just one game, it's just one match. Go out there and try to play your best, even you lost or win.

Q. Before coming here, you were struggling because you won only three games in eight tournaments. Do you have any explanation for that?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, you know, it's like last year. I don't do that well in the first six months. I breaked through here, have big victory here, reaching third round here last year. Give me a lot of confidence to go. You know, I'm really looking forward to go on hard court, which is my best surface. I'm doing well on hard court in the US. You know, I think this is a good sign that I'm doing well here again. I have a lot of confidence to go out there and play good on hard court.

Q. Are you happy having your father as your coach in the future is the right way to go?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Oh, yeah, I think so. I'm start tennis since I was six years old. My father's my coach. I'm really happy that my brother's here, who I'm hitting with him every day when I'm home. You know, he's helping my father a lot.

Q. How important is it to have silence on a court? Could you play in the atmosphere of a kick-boxing tournament or soccer tournament?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, let's say I play on Court 2 twice this week. It's really different because Court 2 is really wide open and you can hear everything. Is restaurant behind the court. Sometime you can just hear the laughing from the people. Really, is not good.

Q. It distracts you?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah. But, I mean, I think I'm good at it. If it loud, I think that's good for me because I used to play, when playing junior, there is lot of noise out there, I still keep playing it.

Q. How will you relax now over the next couple of days before playing Andy?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: I will go to temple tomorrow, I guess. I have two days off, which is great for my next match. I been playing a lot. Just, you know, maybe go shopping, buy something for my mom.

Q. What will you buy?


End of FastScripts….

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