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October 6, 2017

Yan Gomes

Cleveland, Ohio - postgame 2, Canada

Indians - 9, Yankees - 8 (13)

Q. Yan, you're obviously aware of that situation when you've got the runner on base at second. Just talk about the at bat, what you're trying to do there, what you're trying to accomplish. And obviously, getting the game-winning hit there.
YAN GOMES: I was just trying any way I could just to get Jackson over. Sarby came up to me and told me, Hey, any way you can. Doesn't have to be a bunt. Whatever it is, just try to get him over. I tried to bunt one of the other pitches, you saw me pull it back. I was like, There's no chance I'm going to be able to bunt this guy right now. So I was just trying to put the bat on the ball and try to get him over any way I could.

The pitches that were there, I felt like I was kind of on it, so I was able to see it, and it just happened to go my way today.

Q. Yan, when Edwin goes down in the first and obviously Kluber gets knocked out early, what was the mood in the dugout? I know Tito said you kind of were reminded not to act like you guys got kicked in the stomach. You guys have obviously been resilient, but what was the mood like?
YAN GOMES: We were definitely feeling bad for Eddie. That didn't look good. I just talked to him. He said he's fine. Nobody's going to feel sorry for us when one of our guys goes down or anything. We've just got to keep moving. I can tell you the morale in their dugout didn't change at all. He went down. He's one of our biggest players, but, again, like I said, nobody's going to feel sorry for us. We've just got to go out there and try to win a ball game.

Q. You've been a lot of a part of crazy games in Cleveland. Where is that ranking for you, and where is the emotion level right now?
YAN GOMES: The emotion level hasn't quite sunk in yet. But, hey, it's my first postseason walkoff, so it's pretty high up there. That was a tremendous game. That's what you call October baseball right there. We've had tremendous comebacks. That's probably one of the top ones we've had all year. Going up 2-0 against the Yankees into New York, it's a good feeling right now.

Q. Yan, did you think you had Torreyes picked off, or were you just waiting on the replay?
YAN GOMES: Well, at first I didn't because he called him safe, but that's a play that Lindor and I always look to do. Any time somebody fake bunts or something, we're always trying to pick behind. Lindor seemed like he was going to be pretty close, and then when you see them get the challenge call going, you're getting excited about it. It was a big play in that inning. Glad we got it done.

Q. Does the momentum of that play, does that carry over to your at bat in the 13th, or is it forgotten by then?
YAN GOMES: No. I can't take one or the other -- I mean, the momentum's on our side. I don't think I'm sitting there thinking, whatever happens, I picked the guy off at second. But we know the momentum is on our side, and I'll tell you what, man, momentum is a big thing, especially in these kind of ball games. Whenever you're up at the plate feeling good about it, good things are going to happen.

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