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October 6, 2017

John Farrell

Houston, Texas - postgame 2

Houston - 8, Boston - 2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. First, off how is Mookie? It looks like he was shaking his wrist out there.
JOHN FARRELL: He got a little bit of a zinger in the final at-bat and just as a precaution, I got him off his feet. I don't anticipate this being anything that lingers.

Q. With Drew today it looked like when he was trying to spot his fastball. He didn't have much beyond his fastball and curve ball. What was kind of going on with him today?
JOHN FARRELL: On the kind of a deep at-bat against Correa after the base hit to Altuve, the one thing we acknowledged coming into this series, it can be a quick strike offense, and particularly a lot of their opportunities were with two outs and that played out here again today. He's trying to go in on Correa in that particular pitch and doesn't quite get it there and ends up costing him. So I thought that Springer hit a pretty decent pitch when he went deep to right field on a breaking ball that he stayed back on. So there's many ways that they can do damage up-and-down the lineup.

Q. Same position you guys were in last year. Does it feel like history is repeating itself? What reason do you think you have to avoid a sweep this time, avoid a loss?
JOHN FARRELL: I think the one thing that we have seen in these first two games, it comes down to command and location within the strike zone. That showed to be the case again today. Even after we got into a situation where it's a 4-1 ball game, we were trying to get through the 6th inning, we get two outs, first pitch slider cutter to Correa from Reed, ends up staying in the middle of the plate. So it's still about making quality pitches a little bit more consistently.

Q. The pitching, you guys have been led by your pitching all season. How confident are you guys that you still have the pitching to make this a series going forward?
JOHN FARRELL: We have got to do a little bit more consistent job. Bottom line. There's many ways that they can score runs on one swing of the bat from a number of guys. But there's confidence in Doug going to the mound on Sunday. He pitched well against them to keep us in the ball game last time out. We're going to need another appearance or another outing similar to what he gave us last time.

Q. You didn't feel that it was too soon to start walking Altuve?
JOHN FARRELL: I'm sorry?

Q. You didn't feel that it was too soon to start giving the intentional walk to Altuve?
JOHN FARRELL: No, he's been dynamite. You pick your poison. He's an extremely hot, extremely good hitter. Felt like we were going to move on and go to the next guy.

Q. Your impressions of Keuchel and how important was it letting him get off the hook in the second inning?
JOHN FARRELL: We had a couple opportunities early that might have change the complexity of this game. He was I think trying to establish his own rhythm, find his own release point. We had like I said a couple of opportunities. Once he did settle in, and they gave him particularly the two runs in that, I guess, the third inning, he was able to pitch with a little bit more freedom. Then he started to use his cutter-sinker combination very well. Changed some speeds on some sliders, but he was kind of able to get in the flow of the game a little bit more.

Q. You talked before the series about how good you thought Houston was. Are you surprised it's been this much of a mismatch so far?
JOHN FARRELL: The one thing that they have done, they have not missed when we missed in terms of pitch location. That's been very effect. They're very good, they're deep, and they have got a number of ways to beat you. So we fully respect and understood the opponent, and they're playing like that.

Q. What did you think of Price today and the way he's pitched, would you entertain the idea of a short start for him later in the series?
JOHN FARRELL: It wouldn't be on Sunday. I think that what we're seeing is 40 pitches is about the comfort zone which he's been built out at. He's throwing the ball very well. He comes in with his back against the wall in a key spot, gets two big outs to end the threat, he's throwing the ball very, very well. Cutter to both sides of the plate, has shown a feel for a changeup, full assortment of pitches that he typically has, he's done a very good job.

Q. You said Sunday no for Price, but would he be available out of bullpen that soon or do you think it would be probably another game?
JOHN FARRELL: The way he's bounced back, I would anticipate he would be ready or available. But we'll check and see how we get through tomorrow's workout and how he bounces back. But that would be my anticipation at this point.

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