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October 6, 2017

Stephenn Gallacher

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

STEPHEN GALLACHER: I could have shot 60 today. It's probably the closest I've ever hit it around here. I think I missed five inside 12 feet. On the par 5s, you know, putting at the last, hit it through the green at nine, made four. But it's tough; I had to stay patient. I knew it would come at the end. One of these things. Get me back in the hunt.

Q. After yesterday, you're 3-over after nine?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: 3-over at the end, yeah. Not really doing much wrong. It was tough yesterday in that wind. It was tough putting because you were getting buffetted everywhere. The wind was moving the putts. I found it really tough yesterday to get the ball in to be honest. But today I played lovely.

Q. You always come back here, the memories here, obviously from 2004.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Playing with a guy -- he's now having a last sort of wee revival. It's great to play with him. He's a lovely man. Brilliant guy. Had some good laugh today. Got a decent score for the team, as well, which was good.

Q. How many times did you play with him?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I must have played six or seven, maybe eight times with him. I always played with him, and then he thought he was too old and then he came back one more time I think.

Q. Best of your birdies out there today?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: They were all pretty -- probably the first. I holed a 30-footer at the first. But every other one was either a 2-putt or a stiff.

Q. After yesterday, holing that one at the first --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, I had 36 putts yesterday, which is probably the first time this year I've had that. I've been putting pretty good. Even today, I think I only had 32 putts for 5-under.

Q. St. Andrews greens --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well, the thing is I was close today, you know. The hard thing around here is normally you're putting from 30, 40 feet quite a lot, but I was inside 15 feet a lot. That's what you're trying to do out here. It's easy enough to hit the greens, but it's trying to get it close enough to hole putts.

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