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October 6, 2017

Luke Donald

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Frustrating finish to an otherwise very, very good day?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, a lot of good out there. Obviously not the way I would have liked to have finished. Sort of surprised that second shot came up so short but felt like I hit it good enough to at least carry to the front but such is life.

Yeah, a lot of positives. Reeling off five in a row was quite nice, starting on ten. I feel like I'm hitting lots of good shots, so a lot of positives there.

Q. It's some place to reel off five in a row, isn't it?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, we're lucky with the conditions today, not too much wind. Greens are reasonably holding. Some nice shots in there to a couple good putts. But I feel like my iron play and my driving is certainly going in the right direction.

Q. How does that compare with other birdie streaks that you've had?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, one of the best. It wasn't too taxing. I made a nice putt on 11, but it was a tap-in on 10. Made a 6-footer on 12. 6-footer on 13 and two putts from long range on 14. It was kind of a stretch around here where you can reel off a few birdies and it was nice to take advantage of the good conditions.

Q. Is this indicative of the way things have been kind of trending for you, do you feel?
LUKE DONALD: Finishing five, six --

Q. Apart from that; in terms of, as you say, you had some good moments out there?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, I feel like it. Certainly feel a lot more comfortable tee-to-green. Hitting a lot of good shots and having to think a little bit less about what I'm trying to do. I'm just a little bit more on automatic pilot now.

I've been working so hard on a few things and feel like they are a little bit more ingrained now where I don't have to overthink them on the golf course. I can just kind of see shots and get up there and play and be a little bit more automatic in the way I approach my tournament rounds. In that way, it's nice.

Q. How enjoyable is it to be playing on this side of the pond?
LUKE DONALD: Well, I always love this event. I only play five or six a year usually, but I try and get this one in on the schedule just because it's a fun event. Nice to play with Jamie, who is a good friend of mine. Known him for ten years. Despite a finish like this, we'll go have a laugh and have a beer later and it will be all right.

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