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October 6, 2017

Starlin Castro

Aaron Hicks

Chad Green

Cleveland, Ohio - pregame 2, Canada

Q. Aaron, you've seen Kluber probably for as long as anybody on the team. Can you maybe describe his evolution from when you first came up with Minnesota to now?
AARON HICKS: Ever since I came up, he's been pretty good. I mean, he has a lot of pitches and different ways to attack you. He can throw a front door cutter, back door cutter. He pitches very efficiently, very fast. He pounds the strike zone, and he's just a very good pitcher.

Q. Chad, how has your routine changed with the postseason and the possibility of your entering the game earlier, as you did on Tuesday night?
CHAD GREEN: For me, I don't think it's changed that much. It's something that I've done throughout the season, I guess. I've been ready since the first inning every game. There's nothing I'm going to do different. I think we'll all be ready when our name's called.

Q. Starlin, is there a specific type of approach you need to take against Kluber, more so than maybe other pitchers?
STARLIN CASTRO: I mean, like Hicks say, that's the guy that attacks you, that has a lot of good pitches. So I try to go out there to fight. I think he's pretty good, we know that. Just go out there and fight and compete.

Q. Chad, I know I was asking Girardi and yourself when you're ready to pitch again after a night you had on Tuesday. I know Joe has guidelines for it, but how do you know when you're ready? Is it when you can lift your arm above your head again, or when you need less ice? How do you know when your arm's ready to go?
CHAD GREEN: I think that just comes from pitching over the years. Obviously, the other night, it was more -- I guess, a different level of stress, so it might take guys a little longer to recover. I think at that point in the season, I think we all feel pretty good.

I think -- I mean, you saw D Rob go 3 2/3. Never done that before in his career. I think guys being able to do different things, and I think at that point it doesn't really matter how many pitches we throw.

Q. This is for whoever wants to take it. Was there a moment this year where you guys realized that you had what it took to be a playoff team?
AARON HICKS: I would say from Spring Training. We went out, and we were playing hard during Spring Training, and we were winning games. It just seemed like we clicked as a unit.

And then as soon as the season started, we just started to play well. Our team chemistry was great, and that's where it all starts.

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