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October 6, 2017

Jackie Bradley Jr.

Houston, Texas - pregame 2

THE MODERATOR: Take questions, please.

Q. We talked a lot about familiarity in this series having just seen these guys, but you guys don't know a whole lot about Keuchel. What's the approach against the guy, especially as a left-handed hitter given what he's done against them this year?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: I personally don't know what he's done against lefties. I'm sure quite a bit of us have faced Keuchel at some point or another in at least these past two seasons. Like you say, we haven't seen him this year, so I guess we're not very familiar in that sense with him, but that's what we have scouting for.

Q. How big a hurdle will it be to win today, and can you talk about how much confidence the Red Sox have in Pomeranz?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: We have a lot of confidence in Pomeranz. He's performed very well this year and it's been a lot of fun to see. We're playing against a very competitive team, we are also a competitive team, and that's why we go out there and play the game and we'll see what happens.

Q. Did you face Keuchel when he was at Arkansas when you were a freshman?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: I don't think I did. Not that I can remember. When I was a freshman I remember facing Drew Smyly though, that's something I do remember.

Q. Two things, what did you guys learn maybe from last year's playoff series that can maybe help you get over the loss in Game 1 and kind of move on quickly?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: Not look back at last year because this is a new year, focus on now, focus on one game at a time and just compete. Go out there and play the game hard and know that today is today, yesterday is yesterday. Leave that all in the past.

Q. Is it different moving on from a playoff loss as opposed to a game in the regular season?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: I think it's just different in the sense that it's five-game series, and you have to win to continue to play. During the regular season you just go on to the next series.

Q. Did you think you caught that ball even though it was overturned?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: I wasn't sure. I made a pretty decent play on it, but I wasn't a hundred percent sure whether I caught it or not.

Q. In the first inning when Eduardo gets hurt and gets carried off and everything, how kind of an emotional blow is that to the guys seeing that happen in the first inning like that?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: You obviously don't want to see any one of your players go down like that, especially what Eddie's been able to do all year long for us as a team. He's one of our best players. So any time you see one of your best players go down, it's not something you want to see. Obviously we want what's best for him and his health, that's very important, and that's why it's called a team. You're going to have guys pick him up and be there for him.

Q. On that subject, Chris gets a chance now to get back on the roster, a guy with a lot of experience. Is this sort of a situation where you might almost expect him to do something because of what kind of player he is and his experience, that this could be a big opportunity for him?
JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: I sure hope so. Chris has worked really hard all year long. He's been a key cog to our team and I would love to see him do something special, especially with him being a hometown boy.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thanks, Jackie.

JACKIE BRADLEY, JR: Okay. Thank you.

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