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October 5, 2017

Joe Girardi

Cleveland, Ohio - postgame 1, Canada

Indians - 4, Yankees - 0

Q. Hits hard to come by tonight. What made Bauer so effective?
JOE GIRARDI: His curveball was really good tonight. It's as good as we've seen it, and he's been pitching better. You look at his second half, and he had better command. We didn't get many free base runners, which we have in the past off of him, and he was really good.

Q. Joe, what did you think of Aaron Judge's at bats tonight?
JOE GIRARDI: I mean, he just missed a few pitches. I thought he had some good swings tonight, and he'll be back tomorrow.

Q. Somebody said yesterday keeping down the walks would be key for him. What did you see from him tonight?
JOE GIRARDI: Jay Bruce is the guy that really hurt him tonight. I didn't think the first pitch was necessarily a bad pitch. It was a split that he hit. Had good movement on it. You kind of tip your cap. Even the home run wasn't -- you know, it could have been in a little bit more, and I think he gets him out there. But he was the guy that hurt him tonight. Besides that, he pitched pretty well.

Q. Joe, how concerned are you about the bullpen? The last two games, you guys have thrown 12 2/3 innings.
JOE GIRARDI: We're fine. Physically, they're fine. We should have probably everybody back tomorrow. I won't have Jaime Garcia, but I think as far as our bullpen, they're in a pretty good spot.

Q. Joe, what's your feeling of having CC go tomorrow?
JOE GIRARDI: This has been a guy we've relied on heavily after losses this year, and he's pitched some of the biggest wins for us during the course of the year. He's been in a ton of these games, and you know that there's no situation that is too big for CC. So a really good feeling.

Q. How big was Garcia tonight for you given your arms in the bullpen a chance to rest?
JOE GIRARDI: He did a really good job tonight. That's why we brought him. It was tough to leave Chasen Shreve off, but we knew the situation our bullpen was in going into this game, and Jaime did a really good job.

Q. Joe, certainly not the end result you wanted, but are you at least encouraged by what you saw from Betances tonight?
JOE GIRARDI: Yeah, he was really good tonight. I said all along we need this guy. We need this guy to come up big. He's another guy that he gets some quick outs in a sense when he's throwing strikes and strikeouts and can give you multiple innings.

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