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October 5, 2017

Drew Pomeranz

Houston, Texas - Pregame 1

THE MODERATOR: Take questions, please.

Q. What's different this time or this postseason knowing that you're getting a start rather than sort of the uncertainty of last year and having a couple of bullpen appearances?
DREW POMERANZ: It's always nice to know when I'm going to start instead of sitting around waiting for that call. But, no, I'm just excited to get out there for that first start. I'm pretty anxious for tomorrow to come. Thankfully it's a day game so I don't have to wait around all day for a night game to get out there.

Q. John said that you guys talked through whether or not to make this start on five days or maybe seven days in Game 3. What kind of tipped that decision? Second question is you've said you felt great all month, you're velocity has been down, how different has been pitching over the course of the month of September while kind of maybe working with a different plan of attack?
DREW POMERANZ: He came up and asked me what day I wanted to pitch and I told him I was ready whatever. Whatever day he sees me in there, I'm ready for it. I guess velocity has been down a little bit, but it's more I think pitching usage. I've been using more two seams, which is a pitch I don't throw as hard. So I'm not worried about that or I don't think about that. I think it's more of just I kind of go out there and see what I have that day and see what I need to have to beat certain teams and that's what was working, so just kind of rolled with it.

Q. Your last start was also against these guys. What do you take out of that performance from Saturday going into tomorrow?
DREW POMERANZ: You kind of have an idea of what the guys do. It's one thing to look at them on paper, look at the scouting reports and all this or watch video, but to know, to kind of feel out how they're approaching the box against me last time. Kind of goes both way. They got to see me; I got to see them. So we'll make a game plan based off of how the last start went and kind of adjust going into it.

Q. Can you talk about your outfield defense and how important has the defense been to the success of the Red Sox this year?
DREW POMERANZ: Oh, it's huge. Those guys are running down every ball, tracking everything, throwing everybody out. I think we have the best outfield in the big leagues. Those guys, they can do everything. They're going to get to every single ball. They're going to throw you out if there's any chance at all and they're going to try to. They're a hundred percent all the time.

Q. You've had, over the course of your career, different roles and you've always thought of yourself as a starter. What does it mean for you to get a playoff start and kind of be in this position with a chance to impact the series in that way?
DREW POMERANZ: It's great. I have done everything, like you said. I enjoy starting. I still think I'm a starter. I think my first postseason experience I was in a Wild Card game and I didn't get to pitch, so all I wanted to do like last year was pitch and I got into the bullpen. So this year I'm pretty excited, as I'm sure Chris is pretty excited about a first start, too.

Q. Do you feel like this year in general you were kind of able to prove your point that this is where you should be, this is the role you should have?
DREW POMERANZ: Yeah, I knew coming in getting traded over last year and I pitched all right, but there was things that I had talked to Rick Porcello, too, about pitching in Fenway and adjustments that you need to make. I think he made a huge adjustment the second year pitching in Boston, especially at home. It's one thing to know what you need to do to pitch better or pitch in that division, but it's one to actually accomplish and work on and kind of nail down the things that you need to get better at. I think I did that pretty good this year.

Q. You mentioned how you had just seen them and they had seen you, too. If you had a sequence that worked well against them, is there a hesitation to go back to that sequence, and where is that line of this worked versus they're expecting it?
DREW POMERANZ: I think that's where you kind of feel it out. I don't know what we're going to do, but say we go out there and I try to attack in the same way I did last time, if they're adjusting to it and that's what they're looking for, then we just make an adjustment and switch it up.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thanks for coming in.

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