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October 4, 2017

Brian Agler

Los Angeles, California

Lynx - 85, Sparks - 76

BRIAN AGLER: I'm not a person to make excuses. We just didn't do what we needed to do to keep her off the glass. We tried to eliminate staying in a rotation as much as we could, tried to keep bigger bodies on them, but they were persistent, more persistent than we were, especially in the first 20 minutes.

Q. You tried to answer by going outside with your three-point shots, but I think you went 2 for 18 from out there.
BRIAN AGLER: Yeah, we didn't help ourselves there. I think you've got two teams that are sort of -- do some things similar, but yet we also do things differently. We rely more on our quickness and our mobility, where they rely a lot on their power and their structure, and so for us to play at the top of our game, we need to hit some perimeter shots.

Q. And how hard is it to play catch-up the entire game like you had to, as well?
BRIAN AGLER: Yeah, it's not easy. You know, we were right there at halftime, then they sort of extended their lead, we hung around, and you know, with I don't know what exactly what the timing was, I think with 20-some seconds left, we're down three. That's a credit to our team, you know, to fight hard, put ourselves in position. We made some really good plays and finished and couldn't get over the hump.

Q. The foul trouble, did that kind of haunt you guys again, especially with Nneka having to get in a couple tough ones --
BRIAN AGLER: Yeah, that never helps, but again, that's part of the game. You've got to be able to absorb that and deal with it. You know, I thought in some ways it didn't kill us, so we had our chances, and that's what you play for.

Q. Down three in that last time-out when you've got all the momentum, are you having flashbacks to last year, and are you trying to inspire that with your team at that point?
BRIAN AGLER: We weren't talking about last year, we were talking about what we needed to do then. There was 30-some seconds left, I believe, and we could have -- our decision making was do we defend them and just try to get a stop and get a time-out and advance it and give ourselves a chance, or do we try to do what we did two or three possessions before and get aggressive and try to come up with something, and they wanted to try to be aggressive, so we did, and we had a couple opportunities, we just weren't there.

You know, you make a decision like that, you go with it, and you don't look back.

Q. What did you think of this old arena?
BRIAN AGLER: Well, you know, I'm sort of old-school, so I appreciate the history and I appreciate just the atmosphere. As an opponent, it's not the easiest to play with, but yet there's an element of energy that sort of helps both teams, you know. I don't think it was a huge factor, the noise. We talked about it coming in. I thought our team for the most part stayed together. Like I said, we had our chances.

But enjoyed playing here. It was a good experience.

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