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October 3, 2017

Zhang Shuai

Beijing, China


7-5, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Even though you lost the match in two sets, it was a very close match. You didn't win your last two service games. How do you judge today's performance?
ZHANG SHUAI: I think today I did better compared with past matches against her. I think next time if I'm going to face her, I will do better.

For 90% of the match, I played well. I played aggressively. This is what I wanted to do. This is the kind of tennis I want to play. So I played the kind of tennis I wanted. I have achieved the form I want.

In the critical 11th game, both were my service games, but I didn't take the opportunity to volley. These are things I have to improve in the future. If I make those things right, I can further advance, if I can improve my skills.

Q. You have played in four tournaments in Asia. You're going to the Hong Kong Open next. Do you feel tired after the four tournaments in Asia?
ZHANG SHUAI: I think ever since we finished the grass court season, after we went into the hard court season, after New Haven, for the six tournaments afterwards, I have been playing better and better. I've been in better and better form. I feel very confident now.

For each and every match, I think I'm getting better and better. I look forward to the next tournaments. I think I can still do better.

Currently I'm already starting to look forward to matches in Hong Kong.

Q. During the match you asked for coaching twice. I wonder what the coach told you, especially in the second set.
ZHANG SHUAI: I called for help from the coach because I needed his help. I needed to talk to my coach.

As far as the things we talked about specifically, I can't really remember that. I still think I could have played better today.

Q. You have lost all four of your meetings with Agnieszka Radwanska. How can you find a way to beat her?
ZHANG SHUAI: I'm not afraid of anyone on the other side of the court. From the players I have never beat, I want to take the challenge and win even more against those kinds of opponents.

Against Pliskova, I have lost more against Pliskova. Against the other opponents, I feel like I'm even closer to facing victory when I face those opponents.

When I play against the top players in the world, I'm very close to victory. Even though I was defeated, I feel happy that I'm so close to victory. In previous years, I couldn't advance to such a stage when I faced top players. But now I have faced the top 5 or 10 in the world, or lost to the champion of the tournament. That's a great boost to my confidence.

Q. Today during the match, much of the crowd cheered for Agnieszka Radwanska. Many cheered in Chinese for Radwanska.
ZHANG SHUAI: As I play here in Beijing, in China, I have way too many fans to cheer for me, more than any other tournaments played outside China. I've been enjoying much more support compared to other tournaments.

For example, at the US Open, in other tournaments, most of the crowd cheered for my opponents. They don't know who I am. Maybe the entire crowd is cheering for my opponent.

Here in China, at the China Open, most of the crowd cheered for me. That's very good. Whoever the crowd cheered for, I enjoyed playing in the center court. I enjoyed playing with a big crowd.

Q. Ever since 2016 your ranking has risen. You are participating in more and more higher-level tournaments. You are now playing against better opponents. What do you think is your greatest progress so far?
ZHANG SHUAI: I think it's confidence. Now when I go onto the court, I believe I can play well. I did many things well compared with the past. I'm playing better and better against the same opponents. I now have more opportunities. The score is even closer, so I think that's progress.

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