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October 3, 2017

Duan Ying-Ying

Beijing, China


6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. You played each other in Wuhan. Before this match, did you make any tactical arrangements?
DUAN YING-YING: Yes, I played her at the Wuhan Open. I lost both matches, both Wuhan and here. I think today I didn't play my best because her shots were really deep. Not very fast, but really deep. That created a lot of difficulty for me.

Today I was trying to hit to her backhand. Her forehand is really strong, so I tried to hit to her backhand. I failed to cause problems for her backhand. Overall I didn't perform really well today.

Q. You made it into the third round in Grand Slams, and other tournaments you made it into the second round. How do you judge your season?
DUAN YING-YING: Since the beginning of the year I think my form was really good. Especially after winter training, my form was there.

Now towards the end of the season, my stamina wasn't that good, so that caused my movements not to be good. I've been playing a lot of matches.

How to put it, we are heading towards the end of the season. There are still two or three tournaments left to play. Hopefully I can seize on all those opportunities and do well.

Q. Talk about how the Chinese tournaments have helped you, how you were able to take advantage of playing here in China.
DUAN YING-YING: Well, since the tournaments in Japan all the way through the China Open, all the tournaments are taking place in Asia. For the Asian tournaments, I played better than I expected.

After the US Open I didn't have very high expectations. After the US Open, my coach asked me to improve my skills. I didn't have any expectations for the Asian tournaments, so I think I did pretty well.

Q. This is your first year playing the whole WTA Tour. How did it feel?
DUAN YING-YING: After playing all the high-level WTA tournaments, I felt this is a very competitive tour. All the players have their own strengths and advantages. After playing at the top level, I find that I have a lot to improve on.

Now we're going into the winter training period. Hopefully during this critical period I can improve further.

Q. You didn't have a lot of points to defend for your ranking. Next you play the Tianjin Open, how what are your expectations?
DUAN YING-YING: To me ranking is not a priority. I didn't put too much emphasis on that. If you think too much on court, you can't put all your tactics and strategy in place. I think you just need to play your best, do the best you can on court. That's all you need to focus on.

Q. This year is your first year to play a complete season on the WTA Tour. You mentioned after the US Open your coach asked you to improve your tactics. As we head towards the end of the season, what specific improvements are you going to make?
DUAN YING-YING: I hope to stay at a high level. At this level, all players play deep. I think I can improve on my return. I've already tried that here at the China Open, including baseline tactics to hit deeper into the court.

Even though I try that, when I play the matches, especially when it is tight, critical games, I still failed to hit deep. I hope during the training period I can improve that.

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