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October 2, 2017

Zhang Ze

Gong Mao-Xin

Beijing, China


6-0, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. You are facing a very strong opponent today. What is your comment on your performance?
UNIDENTIFIEDSPEAKER: First, we played at night, which is very different from the day matches. We played a great match. They won easily from the score, but I don't think any of us played their west R best. I think our service games in the second set, if we played better, we would have done better.

Q. This year you are in pretty good form. ATP 500 opponents are quite strong. If you are going to advance further, when you're playing opponents at such a level, how do you plan to improve?
UNIDENTIFIEDSPEAKER: Probably we need to do better at serving. I look the statistics after the match. The first-serve percentage is about 50%. That's a bit too low for doubles. We're not in the same level in terms of serving. We'll do better in terms of tactics.

Q. You won a title earlier this year. How do you plan to split your focus between singles and doubles?
UNIDENTIFIEDSPEAKER: For the first half of the year, the ranking of our doubles is quite close to the top 100. This year we have the China National Games. We have to make a choice between different tournaments and the China National Games. That is why we didn't keep the same chemistry between us.

Gao suffered a bit of injury after the China National Games. So today's game is the second match after the injury. I think he's having not an easy time. But overall we think we were in pretty good form. His form is really good. Today I'm not really satisfied with myself because I didn't put out my best performance, whether it's in singles or doubles. I didn't play really well.

I hope I can recover to a better form and to play better matches afterwards. Since the Chinese National Games have finished, we're going to invest more energy in the professional matches, the tournaments. I would like to focus on both the singles and doubles. For doubles, we want to make it into the top 100.

Q. According to the statistics, for singles, you have triple amount of unforced errors compared to your opponents. Is it you or the pressure from the opponent?
UNIDENTIFIEDSPEAKER: I think it's because of both. I'm facing a top 20 opponent who has very few errors and solid baseline skills. Such a player would want to move you around the court. For the second half of the year, I want to change the style of my play. I want to shift from defense to being more aggressive. I think that contributes to a greater amount of unforced errors.

Indeed, today I had too many errors. Hopefully I can stick to the same style of play, but I will be able to reduce the amount of errors through practice and training.

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