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October 2, 2017

Luis Severino

New York, New York

THE MODERATOR: Luis, thank you for the time. He has a new haircut. It looks real good. Also, just one note to the media, when we had the other guys in here, there's a live TV camera station on the wall.

Q. Luis, your first Playoff game is a win or go home game. How nervous are you? How do you feel going into it?
LUIS SEVERINO: I feel very confident. I'm not nervous. We have a great team, great bullpen, great guys over there. Our team is going to be good.

Q. Since it is your first Playoff game, is there anyone that you've gone to for advice or any information, whether it's CC or another veteran who's pitched in the Playoffs before?
LUIS SEVERINO: I didn't. But maybe later I'll go to CC, one of the veterans that's here, and get something, get some advice, get something that will help me concentrate more on my game and not being out of the game.

Q. Have you spent much time with Ervin Santana? You guys were born not very far apart from each other. How much conversation have you had with him?
LUIS SEVERINO: I don't know him a lot. I just spoke to him in the All Star Game, but I would say that he's a good guy. He's a great pitcher and looking forward to facing him. Wishing him good luck.

Q. Luis, what are some of the challenges that the Twins lineup presents to you? What's sort of your read on those hitters?
LUIS SEVERINO: I think they're good hitters. They hit the ball a lot. They've got good runners. They like to bunt. So looking forward to go over there and try to make good pitches. Try to be more economical with my pitches.

Q. You're on a pitching staff that has other guys who have started Playoff games before, Sabathia, Tanaka, (indiscernible). What does it mean to you to be designated the ace, the guy that the manager believes can win a one-and-done game?
LUIS SEVERINO: It means a lot to me. The workout we did, we work, they trust me that -- they gave me more confidence to go over there, okay, that's my team. So I have to do everything I can to get us to the next step.

Q. Luis, at what point would you say your career turned around? You're obviously a much different pitcher than you were last year. What was the key?
LUIS SEVERINO: I think the off-season, the workout that I did, my mechanics stuff (indiscernible) more of my pitches, my change-up was a big step this year. I threw more change-ups. I think I would say the beginning of this season, when I went to Spring Training, I feel like my change-up was working, and then that was it.

Q. Because of the nature of this game, it's just a one-game Playoff, and with the bullpen that you have, I would imagine that, whoever the starting pitcher is, is not going to get a real long leash. Do you take that -- does that enter your mindset as you're going through the game of -- you know, when you go out there?
LUIS SEVERINO: When I think about (indiscernible) in the bullpen, I'm thinking long. I want to get out there and go as long as I possibly can in the game, and then the relievers can do their job.

Q. Luis, in a do-or-die game, I think we would all agree that the starting pitcher is as important to both teams as any player on the field, whether it's today, tomorrow, in the bullpen. How much, if any, will you think about the fact that your performance tomorrow is going to be as critical as anyone's to the Yankees' season continuing?
LUIS SEVERINO: Like I say, I just want to go over there and have fun. We had a great season. Nobody was expecting us to be here. We are here. I just want to go over there and have fun. I can do my 100 percent. I can do the best I can. But the stuff that I do in the regular season is behind me. I have to remind my mind to go over there and try to be like the first game of the season.

Q. Luis, a lot was written about your workouts with Pedro Martinez. What impact do you think that had on your season?
LUIS SEVERINO: I mean, that, I think, was the change that I do for this season. My mechanics. He told me that, if I change my mechanics a little bit, I'll be more consistent in my strike zone. That's what I did, and that's how that worked out and helped me.

Q. Luis, in the game in that situation, knowing back two years ago the Yankees in that situation they don't perform so good. So now how you prepare yourself mentally and get the pressure away to get a better result at this time?
LUIS SEVERINO: I just need to focus on my pitches, not think about nothing out of the game, the fans or stuff like that. Just need to concentrate on my glove and mix my pitches and maintain good communication with my catcher and my pitching coach, and I think everything is going to be okay.

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