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October 1, 2017

Si Woo Kim

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. This was an extremely important match, so talk about what it was like to play today and this entire week, and knowing that it kind of came down to this match for the Cup.
SI WOO KIM: Our team wasn't far behind in winning points. I wanted to make more points and tried to help, working hard. But Daniel Berger, he played pretty well.

Q. Obviously 14 was a pretty special hole and crazy hole. Talk about that.
SI WOO KIM: I tried to play aggressive to be winning, especially like the 14th hole. I tried to play aggressive. It was a long putt left and I tried to hit it hard, and then the ball is going in, so I made the birdie.

Q. When did you know that you were part of the match that was kind of the determining factor? Did you know at some point today it was coming down to you and Daniel?
SI WOO KIM: I didn't know until this time. I didn't watch any score. I didn't consider. I just wanted to win. I just find out right now.

Q. Talk about the team atmosphere from last night to today, your game plan and mentality heading into the singles matches today.
SI WOO KIM: On the second day, already our points were far behind the U.S. Team. We worked hard yesterday trying to add more points. Even though we are far behind, our team members, we tried to work hard today. So I work hard, too.

Q. What's this week been like for you as a Presidents Cup rookie? How would you describe it?
SI WOO KIM: As a rookie, I'm so proud to be a Presidents Cup member. I'm so honored. This whole week I've enjoyed a lot.

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