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January 23, 2004

Paradorn Srichaphan



Q. Guga said you just played two hours of near perfect tennis. Was that the way you felt, too?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, I feel really good this morning. I've been practicing on the court, on Vodafone this morning. That's my first time to hit, just half hour, get ready for the match. I feel really good out there, and I feel like I playing really well today, moving well, hit the ball well, holding my serve quite well.

Q. Do you feel you can play much better than that? That was quite an incredible level for two hours.

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, yeah, I feel I still miss a couple shot. You know, I hit the ball well, but I feel that I can hit it more -- put more speed on the ball. If it can get to the good position, I can hit a better ball.

Q. Thoughts on possibly playing Agassi in the next round?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, I'm really happy that I'm getting through the fourth round, which is my goal for all the Grand Slam, reaching the second week, which is like last 16. Well, my next opponent could be Andre Agassi or Thomas Enqvist. It depends who won. Yeah, really looking forward to playing the last 16. I mean, both of them are the tough player. Yeah, it's going to be a good match.

Q. A lot of players complain they start the year off pretty slowly. You always play well at the beginning of the year. Why do you think that is?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: It's just the week after. I mean, I talk to a lot of friends on the tour, they said it's been great, I think, to stay in the New Year Eve at home instead of traveling on the 28th or 29th of December to get ready for the next tournament. So I really like it, to start one week later.

Q. Say it is Agassi you're going to play next. What kind of challenges does he pose that you have to master?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, it will be great if I can play him next round. I love to play bigger player like always. You know, he's the one that he's really great on court and off the court. So it's nice to play him, learning best tennis from him, yeah.

Q. Return of serve, he's a great returner of serve?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah. I mean, he's really hit the ball well and moving well. Especially his returning is really good. So he love the big serve.

Q. You've beaten him before at a Grand Slam. Do you feel as though you're in the shape to produce another shock?

PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Well, let's say if I play him, it's going to be tough. But, yeah, last time I play him was two years ago in Wimbledon, second round, and I won in three sets. Well, that is on grass court. And he didn't know my game yet at that time. It might be a little difficult for me to play him another time, plus it's on hard court, the Grand Slam that he won it before. Well, you know, I'm reaching my goal. But, you know, I'm really looking forward to play better and to get through to quarterfinal if I could.

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