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October 1, 2017

Adam Scott

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. How do you reflect on that?
ADAM SCOTT: Just playing for a bit of pride today, personally and as a team, I guess. You know, it's probably not the atmosphere anyone wanted to play under today, the Americans included. Although it's nice that they have won the Cup easily and quickly. You know, it's not the excitement we had all hoped for.

Q. You had a tough task going against a stacked team that played very well, but on the International side, what do you think was maybe missing?
ADAM SCOTT: Them not playing well. That's what was missing. I mean, of course, you just have to look at their form this year and it was strong the whole way through. Even their rookies had amazing years. To make the team was very difficult in America. For the rookies to make it, they played amazing, so their form is good, too. We needed the nerves to get the better of them, and some of the other players' form to not be there and for us to lift, and none of that really happened.

You know, unfortunately it was a bit of a slaughtering this week. But you know, we've got to stand up and take our ass-whipping like men and walk out of here with our heads high.

You know, definitely, I mean, one observation to me is we need more practice of team play. We had some new guys again this year, and I think some of that showed up a little bit in all of our strategy on the golf course. I mean, it's not everything, because I think they played better. But when you are playing it every year; they are getting good at it now, and they are breeding. They found a system these last few years and they are winning. It's their cycle of young guys coming through and playing great in the Cups. It looks like the Americans will be a pretty formidable team for the next five to ten years in any team event.

Q. How do you get that practice? What do you need to do to get that cycle going?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, it's difficult. I don't think we're going to create another Cup for us to play in. But the players are really going to have to invest more in this as a group collectively on the off-year, and somehow get better, if we don't want this kind of stuff to happen. If the American Team is really strong the next few years, then this is on the cards unless we really get our acts together. So we must invest more. I don't know exactly how that is but that's what my thought would be.

Q. One thought is while The Ryder Cup is on, you guys all get together in the Bahamas or somewhere and have your own sort of retreat, if you will, getting practice.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, something like that. Things have to happen, of course. It seems like the U.S. has invested a lot in new systems and they have all invested in it and you can see it in their play. They are getting the results. That's definitely something for us to think about.

Q. How tough is this on you? You've invested a lot into it. How tough is it, four-day session like this?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's not what I flew back over for, that's for sure. I know everyone's tried our hardest out here. We tried our best. Some weeks you have it and some weeks you don't. That's the beauty of sport and golf.

I've taken plenty of licks in this thing, but the reason -- I could have quite easily stayed home with my new kid and had a good break from the game. But I've always taken something so positive from this event, at every one, whether I've been the No. 1 player in the world coming in; a pick, when I arguably couldn't have been.

So many positive things has happened, so I don't see this event as a real negative for me. It's always spurred me on to do good things. Last time I came in, it was my first event not anchoring and I found my rhythm after a few days of pressure.

Even this year, I didn't compete in the majors, but you're thrown in the deep end every time here. Pressure over 18 holes and you've got to win. It's like that major pressure. I miss that if I'm not getting it at the majors, so it's good for me to come here and kind of feel the nerves and a bit of pressure on my game and see where it's at.

Q. Anything you'll take away from winning this afternoon's match?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it feels good to win something. I didn't play too bad of golf this week. I played Dustin Johnson, the No. 1 player in the world three times, and his partners were pretty handy, too. It just is what it is. I tried my best but it wasn't good enough. Jhonny Vegas, my partner, he played good, too. We had a great match, great couple matches against Dustin and Matt Kuchar, and they were better.

I only have a week off; I play in Asia for a couple weeks. I feel like I've played through this little bit here. I've got to know get my next year's season started. I played pretty good this week, so I like the way it's going. I'll work on things for the next couple weeks. It would be nice to get off to a good start to the season in the Asian events, and then play some good golf in Australia, and then take a little break before I get my head into next year.

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