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September 30, 2017

Martina Hingis

Yung-Jan Chan

Wuhan, Hubei, China


7-6, 3-6, 10-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk about your week, how happy you are to cap it off on a pretty big day for you.
MARTINA HINGIS: Yeah, it's nice to celebrate with a victory, obviously, and with a great partner to do it with. We're looking forward to the after party, so...

No, it's nice. It's my third time obviously here in Wuhan. It's even more special now with Leticia because she kind of guided me through this week. It was nice.

We went out in Wuhan, as well, just to see something else. It's pretty cool. When I'm at the table, I'm like, You order. Pretty easy (smiling). I'm willing to try anything, pretty much, so...

Q. Leticia, that's a lot of pressure. Is it more pressure to order for Martina or play on the court with her?
YUNG-JAN CHAN: That's a tricky question (laughter).

No, I mean, both, it's pretty easy. She's a pretty easygoing person. We love similar food. She love a lot. If I order, I just need to order soup with hot drink, oolong tea, she'll be very happy. If it's on court, I just need to put all my returns in and she'll be happy again.

Q. Both of you are obviously steamrolling through, heading to Singapore. Talk a little bit about how does that change what this section of the season looks like, having qualified so early, knowing you're already in there. Maybe fine-tuning your games?
MARTINA HINGIS: No, I mean, we just talked about it. It's pretty cool to go with a victory into next week because I'm going back to No. 1. Leticia is highest ranking No. 2. Right now we feel like we are the team to beat, the hot team till the end. Couple more tournaments for me.

It's a nice position to be in. Even like today, felt like it's the first time we played Aoyama and Yang. I watched a little bit of YouTube last night to figure out.

When you're getting into this position and playing the super tiebreak, I know we can trust each other. I mean, right now I feel like we're not getting the fact that we could lose, you know. The word 'lose' doesn't exist in our vocabulary. That's a nice feeling to have going into tournaments trying to win, yeah.

Q. Talk a little bit about returning to No. 1. A nice achievement. Possibility of finishing the season at No. 1, as well.
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think that's what we all aim for when we started especially playing together. I think that's something that we are looking forward to. First our goal was to make Singapore. That was already done after half of the season pretty much. So you have next goals to achieve. Winning a Grand Slam was our other one. After maybe a little more disappointing Wimbledon, we tried to definitely take our last chance, and I'm happy we did.

Q. We know it's the third time for you to win at the Wuhan Open. Will you come back for next season 2018?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, like I said, three times I was able to win here with three different partners. But, you know, I'm still thinking about tonight. We're going to celebrate. We're going to do 'gan-bay'. That's all I think about right now.

THE MODERATOR: We'll switch to the junior journalists.

Q. (Through translation.) What makes you become a very famous player in the tennis world and become also the No. 1 in the world?
MARTINA HINGIS: Thanks to my mom. She was a former player. She introduced me to the game. I started playing when I was two years old, my first tournament at five. Yeah, the story goes from there. I'm definitely grateful to my mom to have made the path for me.

Q. (Through translation.) Chan, in the tiebreak, what is your mentality?
YUNG-JAN CHAN: (Through translation.) Actually, Martina and I have been performing very well this year. We have won many matches. We have been through many difficult matches. We were very confident. Also we have belief in each other.

I'm very happy today that we won this match.

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